The SDCC Lady Gaga Style – We Were All Born this Way

Found via originally posted by iluvthe90s. What do you all think? Would a Tonner Doll Company Lady Gaga figure make you happy? Great fun. Believe in the Power of Play!



8 responses to “The SDCC Lady Gaga Style – We Were All Born this Way

  1. if you do a lady Gaga doll, she will need to be wigged, so we can change her hairstyle and outfits often. you would have to have several outfits offered!

  2. I don’t waste my $$ on Lady Gaga, would be disappointed In both Robert Tonner and Tonner doll company if they felt that would be a doll worthy of their skill and time…
    My personal opinion, but the question was, here’s my answer

    1. If you don’t like Lady Gaga gives us the same, then do not buy the doll and point, but I assure you that sales of the doll would be massive.

  3. Since I am not a fan of Lady Gaga, well, that would mean that there would be more for Gaga fans to have.

    I’d like to see a hard rock star like Joan Jett. LOL, I have often thought of getting a Joan Jett costume for my Rouge Sydney, she sure has the attitude of a hard rocker!

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