Retro Review: Wonder Woman Part 4, Amazonian Warrior – by Jason Wright

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Here we are again with another look at Tonner’s run of Wonder Woman dolls! For those of you just joining us, in PART 1 we took a look at the 19″ porcelain produced in 1999, but Tonner didn’t really get rolling with WW until 2007 when the DC Stars debuted. So far we’ve examined the initial release in her classic superhero outfit in PART 2 as well as her “Amazon Princess” gown and secret identity outfit “Office Savvy” in PART 3.

Today we’re going to take a look at the “Amazonian Warrior”. This doll was released a few short months before the 2007 Amazon Princess San Diego Comic Con exclusive. She has a total production run of 1,500 pieces with an original suggested retail of 149.99.

Since the word “Amazonian” is a used in the title I may need to clarify that this doll has nothing to do with Tonner’s exciting announcement a few days ago about their upcoming “Amazonia Wonder Woman” which will make her first Tonner appearance at the Flights of Fancy Convention this Spring. No, this Wonder Woman is yet another Tonner original design inspired by the many different versions of WW’s battle armor that she’s worn in the comics over the past several years.

Since this is a doll blog and not a comic book blog I’m going to assume that not all of you are comic book readers. So briefly: back in 1987 DC Comics hit the reset button and totally rebooted Wonder Woman. (They’ve done it again last year but we won’t get into that unless Tonner makes a doll based on that version). Her heritage as an Amazon as well as the Greek Mythology that she’s based on have been pushed to the forefront considerably more than it ever was in previous years making her not just a superhero but a mythological character who happens to become involved in superheroic situations. Her iconic bathing suit has now become a part of her battle armor that she won during the contest that won her the title of Wonder Woman. She’s worn many different versions depending upon the situation as well as the artist who’s drawing her and Tonner’s Amazonian Warrior is a celebration of that.

She uses the 16″ original Tyler “bendy-wrist” fashion body with a bloom skintone just like the ones before. I love this doll but there were a couple of things that bugged me right off the bat. The number one thing is the headpiece, which I don’t use at all but for the purpose of this review she’s sporting it for you. It’s a plastic eagle holding a small gold loop between it’s talons and attaches to the front part of her hair with a two pronged comb. In and of itself it’s a beautifully sculpted accessory but to me it looks out of place and not very practical. Since this is WW in her armor, a helmet or a different version of her classic tiara would have been a better choice. I’m assuming it’s a version of her tiara but this doesn’t do it for me.

Another thing that bugged me were the earrings. They’re very nice but they looked like too much in the prototype pics and I opted to not insert them on my doll. They’re tucked away safely in her box but I’ve taken a pic so you can see. Again, just like the tiara, nothing wrong with them but they don’t do anything for me. But to be totally honest here I don’t use the earrings for many of my dolls for the sole reason that I live off of caffeine. I stay wired up (which accounts for some of my Facebook postings, LOL!) and by the time I get home at night to look at my dolls, I’m coming down from my high so the work it takes to insert the Tonner earrings on any doll is a tedious task that I prefer not to engage in.

As we move down we come to my favorite part of the outfit, the breast plate. It’s a coat of arms with a sculpted golden eagle and it’s truly a work of art. It’s the first thing that caught my eye when I first opened her box. I think it’s amazing and I wish Tonner had done something like this for the “W” emblem on their first DC Stars release. The breast plate is attached to an awesome gold faux leather bodysuit with individally stitched panels. There are also smaller panels that line the leg openings and finished with small gold rivets on each one. Her gold lurex cape is attached to the bodysuit with an indivual gold metal loop, and snaps in the back.

Her gauntlets are made from the same gold faux leather as the bodysuit with stitched detailed straps and braided accents. They attach to her arm with small snaps.

Here we have the boots and I have to say, that only Wonder Woman can go into battle wearing high-heels! (You go girl!!!) They’re made from gold faux leather with a gold accent on each with gold stripes and wing detail. A gold zipper finishes out an awesome Amazonian look.

Out of all of Tonner’s many WW dolls this one has the most intricate hairstyle. On the top of her head she has several hair braids that are tied down to her head into a bun and spiral curls down below that rest gently on her shoulders. A small gold ribbon is the finishing touch.

Just a word of warning if you plan on buying this doll with the intent to take the hair down. The braids have been trimmed so they can be twisted and attached to the head. So, if you take down the braids, not only will they be wavy as all get-out but you’ll have two different lengths of hair. The top part has been trimmed about shoulder length and IF you’re able to get all the waves out, you’ll have to trim the bottom half just to make everything even. I tried this on an extra one I had and ruined her. I used the body for a transplant and the head went to a collector who wanted to use it as practice for her repainting. If you’re like me and don’t really know the ins and outs of straightening doll hair I strongly advise using another doll for experimenting.

Despite the earrings and the head dress I highly recommend this doll not for just the WW collector but to anyone wanting to add a beautiful doll with an exceptional outfit and hair style.

Thank you for joining me and I look forward to seeing you back here again for another look back. Next time we’ll see what happens when Tonner reimagines Wonder Woman’s classic outfit as we take a look at the “Justice Protector”!  🙂



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