How to Restring Dolls and Style Hair – Tonner Demonstration

Watch this clip of the marvelous Doll Doctor, Dr. Noreen, and Design Assistant Extraordinaire, Ms. Melanie, give a fascinating workshop demonstration after the factory sale this past Saturday! They show you how to style and restyle a doll’s hair, and other fun stuff! 

This was a great how-to demonstration at our store sale from Saturday. Dr. Noreen our miracle-worker doll Doctor to whom you can send any doll for repair, shows us how to restring a doll. And Melanie gives great tips on doll hair restyling. For those who have not been to our convention workshops these are some of the interesting, informative things that attendees get to learn, hands on. This little video is our sharing of Tonner Doll knowledge for those who haven’t made it yet.

You can contact Dr. Noreen at the Doll Hospital here in Kingston, the Tonner Company Store: (845) 339-2960 or see our Doll Hospital page.


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