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I’m back from vacation and what a week it was!  We have an RV that we go “camping” in ( I put that in quotes because being in an RV isn’t exactly roughing it 🙂 but it is my kind of camping! )  On the way to DC which was our first stop, the RV broke down.  There was a hole in the coolant hose and all of the coolant leaked out.  CHECK ENGINE light!  And anyone that has had that happen knows how scary it is.  So, after 4 hours on the side of the highway, we finally got it fixed with a great product called Rescue Tape.  And boy did they rescue!!  Then on Tuesday, we had an earthquake and then on Sunday when we were supposed to be back on our way home from West Virginia, a hurricane named Irene had different plans for us.  On Monday, we finally got home around midnight – and back to work on Tuesday.  I need a vacation from my vacation!!

OK, back on topic.  Let’s talk about reference material used in doll collecting.  There are lots of great reference books available, both online and in local libraries.  If you collect vintage dolls, let’s say Ideal, there is a great book by Judith Izen that I use as my bible for Ideal dolls.  An easy way to find doll books is to go on Amazon and just search DOLL COLLECTING.  You will find over 700 results which you can narrow down even further by filtering for your exact search.

The internet is also a great place for information.  I use Google search as it seems to work the best for me, but you can use whatever search engine you like.  Here are some helpful hints when using a search engine.  Let’s say you want to search for  Tyler Wentworth.  In the search engine field, type in “Tyler Wentworth” and include the quotation marks.  In web speak, that means exactly as is.  The whole name – no parts of the name.  Then you can either search the web where you will most likely find info on the search, or you can pick SHOPPING from the search engine menu and it will bring up all the items for sale that have TYLER WENTWORTH in the subject or description.  This search function comes in really handy as you can filter the results even further – by price, by color, etc.  Just about any search feature you can think of.  Here are the screen shots for the two different kinds of searches on Google.







Another way to search a specific topic is this way:  Tyler + Wentworth.  This means both words must be present, but it will pick up searches that have both the words but not in any particular order.  I’m sure some of you have other helpful hints that would be great to share here and I really hope you do as search engines are continually evolving and I am ever learning.  🙂

Part II of Reference Material for Doll Collecting next week:  museums, doll clubs, and doll shows..

On a more poignant note, our area here in the northeast was hit pretty hard by hurricane Irene.  We hope that everyone recovers quickly and safely and our thoughts are with you all.




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