The Real Life Super Hero Project: Be Your Own Hero!

Across this wide, wide world, a movement has been gaining serious momentum.  It is a powerful movement, in which your regular Average Joe has taken up the call of duty, and  began to carry the burden of (anonymously) fighting for the greater good.  What do you mean, like, Super Heroes?, you ask.

Well,… yeah.  Heard of the Real Life Super Hero Project?

Check out this little diddy detailing the Real Life Super Hero Project:

Anonymous and selfless, they choose every day, to make a difference in the world around them. Whether it be feeding the hungry, comforting the sick, or cleaning up their neighborhoods, they save real lives in very real ways. These are not “kooks in costumes,” as they may seem at first glance. They are, simply put, a radical response… to a radical problem.  

So who are these modern day heroes? They are our neighbors, our friends, our family members. They are artists, musicians, athletes, and yes, politicians. Their actions serve as reminders that as most giving today has become reactive—digital and removed, temporarily soothing our guilt and feelings of helplessness—we have blinded ourselves to simple principles and practice of compassion and goodwill.


So these are just regular ol’ people who want to do good for their community, and get back to compassion and goodwill towards men.  More on that in a sec, but first:  The Real Life Super Hero Project is amazing just in and of it self.  What began as a gallery exhibit, a photography installation, soon developed into a growing community that works together to become a positive force for change.  Learn more about the RLSH.

Through the Real Life Super Hero Project, you, the viewer,  are asked to embrace the intention of the heroes, to take a moment to discover the morality and conscience behind their actions, and ultimately, make the commitment to making a difference yourself.   And find the hero in all of us.




See ALL of the heroes for yourself!

Now back to the motivations behind such an intense movement:  the greater good!  Oh, yeah!  Forgot about the greater good for a sec didn’t you??  Well, not only does it still exist, but people are fighting for it!  And not just people:  REAL LIFE SUPER HEROES.  You won’t find unbridled enthusiasm much like this anywhere else, and frankly, I find it downright inspirational!  Join the fight, and be your own hero!

Also closely intertwined with this idea of Real Life Super Heros is HBO’s SUPERHEROES.  SUPERHEROES chronicles the lives of the men and women attempting to break down the boundaries between real-world crime and pop art justice.  interviewed one of the creators of SUPERHEROES, filmmaker Michael Barnett, about his film and his interactions with the heroes themselves, you should check it out for even  more insight into this altruistic phenomenon. Also, below you’ll find a trailer for your viewing pleasure!

Be your own super hero!  What a great message.  What kind of superhero would you be?  What would you choose as your cause?  And more importantly, what would your costume look like??

p.s.  ….and finally I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our brave Troops, who are also REAL LIFE SUPER HEROES, who fight for the greater good each and every day.  Thank you, Troops, for keeping us safe!

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