QR Code Virtual Scavenger Hunt: How it’s Gonna Go Down

Hey Tonner Peeps!  As Convention is almost upon us, we thought it best to quickly lay down the rules and logistics of the QR Code Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

We’re going to kick off the Virtual Scavenger Hunt on Thursday, May 19th!  Here’s what is going to happen:

First, we’ll give a clue right here on our blog as to WHERE in the world-wide web you’ll find the hidden QR Codes.   In other words, you’ll be getting a hint eluding to which website you should be searching through to find the QR Code.  We’ll be giving out hints twice a day, so make sure you check often!

Once you get the hint on the blog, you should begin thinking which website may hold the QR Code.  Now, remember this is a SCAVENGER hunt, so it’s possible the QR Code may be hidden deeper within a site.  For example, don’t give up if you don’t find it on the home page, it may be hidden on a different page within the site.

One thing we CAN say is that all sites are doll-related in one way or the other.

When you find a QR Code based on the masterful hints, (yay!) scan it!  You may be asked to respond with some information of some sort.  When you’re asked to submit or provide an answer/solution/some type of info, you should email all responses to:


All responses must be received by Sunday at 8pm EDT, or you’ll be ineligible for the prize.   Prizes will be announced the following Wednesday, May 25th, upon our return to the office.

So, dear friends, put on your thinking caps, and let’s get ready to begin our journey!

See you on Thursday, all!!

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