QR Code Scavenger: Clue #1

Eye spy.....

Well hello, players, welcome to your first clue for the Virtual Scavenger Hunt:  QR Code style!  You will find today’s Code in the following place:

Rennot golb

This first one is maybe a little easy, just to get the ball rolling!  🙂

Don’t forget to email jcanapini@tonnerdoll.com with the answer!  There will be another code for today, so stay tuned, my friends!

7 responses to “QR Code Scavenger: Clue #1

  1. So, do I need a QR Reader app for my cell phone? I don’t have an iphone, although my teenage son does. I had to look up what a QR Code was, as well as a QR Reader, lol!

    1. IT loves YOU, Alison!! Thanks so much for playing along with us, more Con fun coming atcha!!

      Thanks again for the virtual support,
      Team Tonner

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