QR Code Clue# 3

Hello all!  More blogging fun to come, but first here’s your first clue today:

The Vampire Diaries

All things Vampire Diaries for super-fans…

9 responses to “QR Code Clue# 3

  1. Well, I did find a web site/link that I think is the one, but cannot get to it–my virus/protection program blocked it due to a “deadly” worm on the site! So I will sit this one out! Good luck everyone!

    1. Sheilah,

      Oh no, that’s bad news, but thanks for the well wishes to everyone! We appreciate your support! More Blogging fun comin’ up! Stay tuned!

      Team Tonner

  2. That’s okay–it has been fun looking for them so far. Can’t wait to see more from the convention! That Young New York centerpiece took my breath away, you know! 🙂

  3. Yayyyyyyyy I found it!! Remember folks you do need determination and patience for a Scavenger hunt!

  4. I managed to find a family member with a smart phone and sent in my answers to all the other QR code clues so far, but this one beat me. No idea where to find it, but it sure was fun searching!

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