QR Code Clue #2

Hey all, here’s the second clue as to where you find the second QR code:

This is a Tonner Doll that’s been repainted.  You must identify who the repaint artist is, and then find their website.  When you find their website, you will find the QR code you seek.

Elizabeth Taylor likeness

Just to be clear, you must scan the QR code when you find it, and then solve the puzzle it holds.  Email jcanapini@tonnerdoll.com with your answer!!

Best of Luck dear friends!

3 responses to “QR Code Clue #2

  1. No smart phone here, so I downloaded the reader you recommended.

    I printed out the QR code found on the website related to clue #2, and after I finally held it still long enough for the reader to give me a result, all I get is a super-long string of seemingly meaningless numbers. I’ve never done these codes before, so I’m not sure what I was expecting, but Is that right?


    1. Hi there Karin,

      Thanks for participating in the QR Scavenger. Unfortunately, no you’re not supposed to see a series of numbers, but a video clue instead. Not sure what’s going on there… ??
      We really appreciate you taking the time play, even though you don’t have a smart phone. I wish there was a way for us to help from here! Don’t worry, there’s going to be loads of other fun Con stuff coming your way! Karin we really appreciate your support!

      Team Tonner

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