Precarious Scandal a Collector Guest Review by James Griffen

Guest Post

Hello Everyone! The latest addition to my collection is “Precarious: Scandal“. She is magnificent. And, she loves to model!

Her outfit is all Couture. The jacket feels like it has been treated to perform as a couture fashion. It’s stiff, but it’s fashion! There is a black glittery-sparkle sheen to it. The jacket is lined in a vanilla/cream lining. Jacket is held together with two hidden snaps at the neck and the waist. Black bead work around the neck and sleeves is stunning. Her earrings are black beads with black stones in the center of the loops.

Over her shoulder…

Greatness. The jewelery is kept to a minimum. The fashion and the look speaks well for itself!

Below: The Brooches. They are sewn on. This one is at the jacket’s waist.

Below is the awesome semi-see-thru double-layer-lace-net skirt with sequins.

Below: The heelless platform shoes. They certainly have a Gaga-feel to them! They have an elastic strap that you just slide the doll’s foot under and into. I substituted the doll’s original Tonner panty hose with these center seamed stay-up fish-net stockings for fashion-effect. My dolls really like their stockings seams center stage: “Walk, walk, fashion, baby” (lyric from Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”)

I was very excited to be getting this doll. I have been dreaming of a Tonner related-inspired-by-tribute-to Lady Gaga doll for a long time. “Precarious” and her fashions bring me closer to that dream. The Scandal jacket has essences of this Gaga fashion (I believe could be Mugler, but I could be wrong. Some days I get lost in the details) from her music video “Born This Way”:

All in all.. she’s pretty fantastic. The pieces also seem to be interconnected. The black bead work on “Scandal” flows right through to the separate fashion “Anything Goes” and “Swing Time” (I’ll write about those pieces soon!)

Moody afternoon lighting worked very well for this doll’s photo-shoot. We were both basking in her beauty.

That’s all for now!




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