Who Played Doll Duels Yesterday – International Tonner

International Dueling Dolls

One of the things we really are looking forward to with our new Doll Duels website that launched yesterday at dollduels.com is how it will bring together collectors from around the world, as our leaderboard shows some of the most talented restyling and repainting photographers out there. Everyone has a different way of playing with their dolls and figures, and imagining them. The aim is that everyone can inspire and inform each other, and perhaps show the dolls in ways not thought of before. As we’ve said, not every photo has to be an expert shot. Everyone brings their own vision of the doll or figure they care for.

Above is a map of the world showing the locations of everyone who played Doll Duels yesterday, showing how wide, yet close, the Tonner International family is. We come together on Facebook daily, but now we have a new way to meet and share.

100,000 doll dueling clicks.


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