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This week’s blog will feature information on magazines and newspapers.

Doll magazines have some great information available to collectors.  They have lists of doll events and shows, many retailers advertise in the pages, some even have columns that value your doll for you.  There is something for most all collectors.  They discuss everything from antique to vintage to contemporary; from bisque to hard plastic to vinyl to resin.  Here is a list i have compiled with current doll magazines:

Doll Collector – For the Love of Dolls by Scott Publishing

Dolls Magazine – by Jones Publishing

Doll Reader Magazine – by Madavor Publishing

Antique Doll Collecting Magazine

Fashion Doll Quarterly

Doll Castle Magazine

In my opinion, when you are a collector, of anything, you can never read enough! So my advice to all of you, from beginners to pros, read, read read!  And if you know of any other doll magazines, please let me know and I’ll be happy to add them to the list.

As for newspaper publications, the only doll related newspaper printed that I can find is Collector’s United.  The paper is a way to buy and sell dolls of all kinds.  Here is a description from their website:  “Collectors United is a monthly newsletter for selling buying trading dolls, accessories, etc., etc., etc.”

Back in the day :-), there were several such publications that also had articles and Q & A for collectors of not only dolls but toys too.  They are no longer in publication.  Just another way that the internet has changed our way of communicating.  I think to our advantage!

Next week – museums!

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