Our Facebook Profile Pics Inspired, Created and Shared by Collectors!

Our current FB profile pic, created and shared by Tamika Spencer

We’ve recently started a new trend on our facebook page:  For our profile pictures, we’ve been using images exclusively provided to us by our fans!  We came up with this idea in hopes of celebrating our dear collectors in a way that elevates them to the highest degree.

You see, here’s the thing (we think!):   it is our great fortune that our dolls and figures inspire collectors in such a way that they not only collect and display them, but they play, and pose, and photograph, and repaint, and re-root, and re-dress, and capture it all on a camera, and share it with us on facebook, and… Well, you get the point.   But then there was an unexpected phenomenon:   Those inspirations inspired us!  

We got to thinking that, if we’re feeling inspired by these wonderful photos, then others will surely feel the same way!  Perhaps when people will look at these wonderful moments of play captured on film (just an expression!), they, too, will be inspired to play, capture and share.

The images we’ve used so far are chosen because they are the type of pic that causes the viewer to look twice.  In other words, upon first glance, the photo appears to be a real person, but then, upon closer inspection, the viewer realizes it’s a very life-like doll!  Amazing!

Cherry Bomb by Stacy Leigh, uber-talented Repaint Artist

We found the above pic especially striking.  If you focus  on her eye,  you’ll swear this is a REAL woman.  Also, the way the hair is blown around her head, well, it’s very Shakira.  We love you, Stacy Leigh!  Keep up the GREAT work!

Liz Taylor Repaint by Flutterwing Designs, the fabulous Shannon Craven

This repaint of Elizabeth Taylor was just stunning, down to her true-to-life violet eyes.  Plus, the artist Shannon Craven from Flutterwing Designs, had listed this OOAK on ebay, and part of the proceeds went to The Aids Project Los Angeles, via MissionFish.  Shannon is not only talented, but generous and caring as well!  Great job, Shannon!  Visit Flutterwing’s facebook page!

Our current profile pic, displayed at the top, was shared with us by the lovely Tamika Spencer.  We loved this one because of the way her eyes draw you in.  The whole image is just about her face, and her eyes, and as you peer into them, the rest of the world totally disappears.  Also, we enjoyed the black and white medium, and the lovely shadows that are cast upon her face.  Well done, Tamika!  LOVE it!

Thank you, all you artists out there!  We are so grateful for your inspirations.  Not only do you believe in the power of play, you believe in the power of SHARING!

If we haven’t chosen your pics yet, just give us more time.  We’ll be doing this on a weekly basis, so worry not, friends!

Unrelated Side Note: (But still definitely read it)

Also, on an unrelated side note:  Our dear friend Cecile from one of our favorite blogs, funnymissvinyl has gone international!  Go Cecile!  She will be not only writing her blog in French, but she will also be translating her posts into English!  If you haven’t already, visit Cecile’s doll blog to enjoy the wide world of international doll fun.

2 responses to “Our Facebook Profile Pics Inspired, Created and Shared by Collectors!

  1. I LOVE Tonner dolls, as you know, and nothing is as thrilling as their beauty and inspiration. Many of my dolls are kept in their stunning factory condition, but several have been transformed into my versions of literary figures or even real-life people. I really enjoy seeing the featured pictures and the wealth of talent that my fellow Tonner collectors possess. Thank you, Tonner Doll Company, for the dolls and for these lovely tributes to your talented devotees.

    1. Well, Sheilah, what a nice thing to say! We’re so glad you’re inspired by the wealth of talent that makes up our collectors! That’s the beauty of collecting: it is totally your world of art to do with what you like! We liked how you used the word ‘transformation’ to describe what happens when the dolls and their back-stories are re-created by you, because we feel that transformation begins with inspiration… and as we’ve recently discovered, it ends with it, too! I think that’s called the circle of life… *busting out in song*

      Thanks again for your kind words, Sheilah!

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