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We’ve got some NEW technology here at Tonner Doll, and it’s pretty exciting stuff!  We’re always looking for new ways to enable customers to see exactly what a doll looks like, and to that end, we’ve recently updated our site with a 360  View added to the entire Deja vu Collection!

You can see each Deja vu doll and outfit from the front, from the back, from the side – you can see it all with the new 360 view!


It’s pretty neat-o how it works too:  We had to get a super cool new camera (oh darn, right :)) and a special turntable to slowly rotate the dolls as the high-tech camera takes a multitude of pictures.  We even set up a very exclusive Tonner Photo Studio in the building!  It’s been great to learn something new, and to outfit our website with some new technology.  Check out this video of Team Tonner testing this  new technology:

It’s pretty intuitive, but just in case, here’s a little how-to:

Click the 360 VIEW button on any Deja vu Product Page.  Then…

Use your mouse to control the rotation. Simply click and drag!


Use the magnifier to zoom in for detail.

AND if you have a scrolling wheel on your mouse, you can increase and decrease the size of the magnification orb.  Pretty, pretty good.  Pretty good!

It is a great way to be able to see the doll from many angles – you can now see the back details of the outfit and hairstyle.  You can also see the sculpt’s profile as well!  Pretty important for the discerning collector, we imagine!

Look for MORE 360 Views to be added to!
– Coming soon: Wizard of Oz and Avatar –

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