MTVGeek is Big on Tonner’s Coming Avatar – Tron Legacy, Corpse Bride – Toy Fair

For everyone still excited about all the Tonner Doll Toy Fair offerings, MTVGeek has a fabulous review out on our Toy Fair booth. Lots of great pics and super positive stuff to say – thank you MTVGeek. Below are some of the pics but definitely click through to see all of the wonderful coverage.


How did Tonner get licenses to make dolls for both DC and Marvel comics, Twilight, Harry Potter, Avatar, Beetlejuice, Tron, Lord of the Rings, The Corpse Bride, Pirates of the Carribean, and Vampire Diaries? With both Tim Burton and J.K. Rowling as fans, the answer is quality!

Tonner was kind enough to walk me through their booth at Toy Fair, where I got a sneak peek at a number of exciting products for 2012. These over-sized dolls are the ultimate Avatar collector’s item! Made out of resin & hand-painted, each one will probably retail anywhere from $600-900 and might be available in the Fall (prototypes pending licensor approval). …read the rest



22″ DC Stars Batgirl

Click to shop BatGirl


Tim Burton Fun

click to shop The Corpse Bride Emily


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