Milady Blue is Thankful for her 100th Tonner…and the Bluebeard Drawer

Milady Blue writes on Fashion Doll Review about her 100th Tonner from earlier this year – she only started collecting Tonners in 2007 – and her Bluebeard drawer. How many of you have heads waiting for their bodies so they can become real?! Any thoughts about your own Bluebeard drawer?

Milady Blue’s personal doll blog can be found here as well: Random Doll Blatherings.


Anyway, the doll that pushed me over the so-called “Century Mark” actually might have been a denizen of my so-called Bluebeard Drawer. I purchased her as a head, but decided that she had to have a body as soon as I could arrange it. One of my other dolls, whom I wanted to Frankendolly onto a different style of body “volunteered” to “donate” her body to the cause, and doll number 100 became a “real live doll,” and not an occupant in my Bluebeard Drawer.

Read the whole tale here on Fashion Doll Review.



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