Milady Blue Reviews our Star Sapphire on Fashion Doll Review

Star Sapphire

I was having a nice little email chat with Alison of the Fashion Doll Review blog and she mentioned that Milady Blue had just written a review of our Star Sapphire which has been in our Tonner Top Ten for the last three weeks, a review I hadn’t see yet. It was great to read and feel Milady Blues passion, and I could not help but feel that Jason Wright had really started something with his great Wonder Woman fan reviews for us, opening the suggestion door for people to share not only their love for Tonners in all their detail, but also to think back on and share these great comic heroes too, in fact our Marvel Elektra is reviewed tomorrow by Daniel. All this sharing is inspiring.

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Read Milady Blue’s self-confessed Tonner Doll passion, and her thoughts pros and cons on our Star Sapphire: Review

The Star Sapphire Character Figure is a real beauty, with long, curly rooted raven saran hair – raven haired dolls are a weakness of mine – and she has the Bloom skin tone. Her eyes are a vibrant lavender, with mauve lips. She has a determined expression, which of course is in keeping with her position as a super powered being. What is really nice is that her body is the new superheroine sculpt, with a larger bosom, curvier hips and muscular upper arms, which really completes the look of a superheroine. I will post pictures later, showing Star Sapphire next to a regular Tonner doll, to illustrate the differences…read the rest

There are lots of great photos of this DC Comics superhero including this action shot and a Green Lantern meet up.

photo by Milady Blue on Fashion Doll Review
photo by Milady Blue on Fashion Doll Review


You can find the Fashion Doll Review blog on our Best Doll Blogs list for more recommended doll reading.



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