Metro Dolls is Right Around the Corner: A Gothic Romance!

Metro Dolls? Yes, please!

Hi Friends!  As kind of a follow-up post to our Tonner Road Trip post, we wanted to touch on another upcoming doll event in the North East that is not to be missed:  METRO DOLLS!  Metro Dolls, a member of UFDC, is holding an impressive luncheon this October in Iselin, NJ.

Here’s the skinny:  The theme for the luncheon is A Gothic Romance!  Sound like fun??  Register to join us for a delightful Victorian era affair of the heart, with a dash of mystery!  AND  an extra perk:  If you pay in full by July 1st, you’ll get a $15 coupon towards souvenir purchases at the Metro Dolls Sale Table! We (Tonner Doll) will be providing a stupendous 16″ fashion doll created special just for this event!  She will be a must-have addition to your collection!  Beyond that, our lips are sealed as to her identity… You’ll just have to attend to find out!

In addition to the captivating companion doll, there will be LOADS of event-exclusive items your dolls will surely go mad for! Plus,  Robert Tonner is giving an amazing presentation, and there will also be an astounding OOAK auction that will benefit Autism Speaks.  Additionally, there’s going to be manufacturer displays, sales, competition, door prizes, not to mention a few surprises!  You surely don’t want to miss this!

This vividly Victorian romantic escapade is taking place on October 2, 2011 at the Woodridge Hilton in Iselin, NJ, and registration costs $215.  Questions?  —–> Answers: ——>

We sure hope you’ll join us!

P.S. :  Check out the Metro Dolls Blog!!

2 responses to “Metro Dolls is Right Around the Corner: A Gothic Romance!

  1. They have chosen a great cause. My younger brother, born 47 years ago, is autistic.

    I don’t know if dolls are used in therapy for autistic kids nowadays, but 40 some years ago they were, to give the children a means of expressing their feelings about their relationships, a means to exploring the concepts of relationships. In fact all of my Barbies went to one particular little girl for whom dolls were the portal, the means of communication.

    So for me, this seems like a very touching gesture for Metro Dolls to make! May their member’s efforts be rewarded in every way!

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks very much for your comment. It truly is a great cause, and we appreciate your support! Thank you for sharing your experience with us, it’s very insightful how dolls are related in a therapeutic way. Your Barbies went to a great cause, and we’re proud to have you among our dearest Collect-Os. Metro Dolls, we applaud you and your efforts! Thanks again, Mary!

      Team Tonner

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