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Last week’s picture of the week from our Facebook page was Anastasia’s photo of “Tom”, a transformation of Draco of our Harry Potter figures. We’ve been getting to know our international collectors lately, so it was with great pleasure to have her write about herself and share with us her favorite dolls. Enjoy the Tonner love all the way from Russia!   [ there were so many photos and so much enthusiasm, we had to put the very talented extras in a Facebook album]



I’m from Saratov, it is a nice town on the Volga river. Our town is not very big and there aren’t many doll collectors here, at least not so many as in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But this year I went to St. Petersburg to meet dolls collectors who live there. It was very interesting to see dolls I’ve never seen before and to talk about our hobby. In Saratov my friends and I meet rather often and we discuss new dolls and outfits and take pictures of our dolls.

I also like to chat on DollPlanet – I’ve got many friends there, some of them I have already met in real life, with the others I have a regular correspondence. there are a lot of collectors in Russia. I also know Marina  – a very talented and nice girl.

My first Tonner doll was Draco Malfoy (Thomas), After I read all the books by J. Roaling and watched all the movies about Harry Potter I wanted to have a little part of this incredible tale at home. One day I watched Tom Felton’s interview and saw a doll in his hands. And I became absolutely obsessed by an idea of having such a doll. So, I began to search information about them in the Internet and the first picture I saw was a photo of a Tonner doll. The similarity between an actor and a doll absolutely amazed me and I was shocked of the outfit’s detail, it was unbelievable! I wanted to have such a doll and some time later I found HIM in e-bay. In spite of all the rules my first doll was not Harry but Draco, now Tommy. I couldn’t help buying this wonderful blonde fellow. He was marvelous. After 27 long days I received him and when I took him in my hands for the first time this doll  exceeded all my expectations! Outfit, make-up, similarity – all this was just a wonder. I couldn’t help taking him with me everywhere. And still Tom is a main character in all my collection (though it is not very big). Thank you so much for him!

It could sound rather strange but as I invented new images for Tom he was changing.

But besides Tom I also have Harry, Hermione and Ron in my collection. And each of them has its own character and its own story.

For example Daniel had been coming to me for 67 days – the seller in e-bay was a cheater and sent Harry with First class instead of USPS Express. These were terrible days for me as I didn’t know where my doll was. But at least my boy came home. He is very nice and kind but not so smashing as Tom of course. But I love them equally. He came to me without a scar so I decided to call him Daniel.

I’m the second owner of Hermione and bought her nude. But I was attacked by her beauty. She is such a nice and smiley chubby girl with gorgeous hair. She is the most beautiful doll I’ve ever seen (IMHO) – below

In some time she got a boyfriend who is Harry Potter of a friend of mine, this doll’s name is James – below.

My Danny and he are not twins, but he is not less cool or charismatic. They are absolutely different and it’s great that each Tonner doll is individual and unique – below.

The next was Ronald. He is so sunny that you begin to smile just looking at him. He is so bright and positive.

I painted some freckles on his face as it seemed to me that a redhead must have some.

Melissa (Look of the Season Tyler Wentworth 2007) – I was knocked down by her black hair and blue eyes. I think that any image will suit her. She is a very sweet and self-sufficient girl. She came to me rather recently – below.

Assol (Cami Wigged Basic 2011) is a bit of flighty and naive. I guess I‘ve got an obsession to wigged dolls and moreover this girl also has acrylic eyes and real eyelashes, so I couldn’t just pass by. I had been waiting for her for nearly half a year and at last she arrived home.

And the last but surely not the least is my beloved boy, the first doll in my collection – my Tomzay (Tomzay “zay” – Lovely, very nice hare whom all love)

He arrived with the first image I posted above. And now he looks like this (photoshot by 10/02/2011)


Due to Tom, I learned to sew, though I have never sewed clothes for dolls or people before. But my boy had arrived and since that time I’m not able to stop! There was one period in my life when Tom helped me to cope with the disease. He is quite unusual. And for me he is not just a doll, he has his own character and emotions. Each new thing, each new photo makes him more and more alive. Here in Russia we have a special web-sate devoted to dolls of all kinds. It is called DollPlanet and [this is Anastasia’s own DollPlanet thread]. And Tom is very popular there, many collectors know and love him. I’m very proud of it but it couldn’t happen without you. With Tom’s arrival there began a Draco-boom on DollPlanet and a lot of people bought Draco Malfoy.

Most of his outfits I invented myself. It is very easy for me to create new images for him. And he is cool in any clothes and in each picture, that’s super!…And Tomzay also travel with me everywhere I go.

Check out our Facebook album of Anastasia’s Tom (click here) which we posted to share the variety of moods and styles she has created for him. So many photos she sent us, we are happy to put them in an album to let you browse them at your leisure. Some of them below.



Thank you Anastasia for all that you have written – we had to edit it down some for the post – and your fantastic love and creativity with Tonner Dolls. And thank you to our collectors in Russia, it is so great to know that our Tonner Family reaches that far.



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    1. Hi Charlie!!

      Oh yes, I think we ALL have fallen hard for Tom, thanks to Anastasia! We are so impressed by her posing and photography, and we just couldn’t keep her to ourselves! Thank you so much for expressing how much you like her work, too, I know it means a lot to her!

      Thanks again, Charlie!!


      Joanne Canapini
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