Meet Veronika, Petra and Jaroslava – Skratka of the Czech Republic – International Tonner

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Hello to all lovers of dolls,
We would like to introduce ourselves: we are three collectors from Prague, in the Czech Republic in Europe.

My name is Veronika and I collect dolls together with my younger sister Petra and my mother Jaroslava and we all create for them. I studied the branch of promotional graphic arts (at present time: sewing, photographs, painting and design); my younger sister is studying dress design.

My mother is a dressmaker and she has created for dolls for a long time (she began as a young child). When I was 5 years old (about 1989), she bought me my and our first Barbie in Italy and begin to sew first clothes for this doll. Gradually we bought other Barbie-dolls. My mother made also a very nice Barbie-house with furniture and shining lights. I played together with my friends with Barbie-dolls in this house and my friends envied me this one.

In the course of time my younger sister took my Barbie-dolls over. At present time our collection is over 120 Barbie dolls and her friends. By looking for photos of the Barbie-dolls on the internet I found Petra Tonner dolls web-pages. After looking over of these web-pages we decided that we needed some Tonner dolls. At the end of the year 2006 we ordered some Tonner dolls through our friend in Wisconsin, but our first Tonner dolls we bought on the czech internet auction (Signature Style Tyler Wentworth 1999 and Ready – To – Wear Shimmer Sydney 2004). When we saw them we failed before their magic, so much so, before receiving of the ordered Tonner doll from our friend from USA, we bought with other friends help Esme and Matt. Then from the Wisconsin we received the box with doll.

After unpacking of the box with doll we found out, that the doll is Central Park Stroll – Sydney Chase; our joy was immense.

Gradually we bought more and more – various Tonner, Wilde Imagination and Effanbee dolls (to this day we have more than 100 pieces), for example Sydney Chase, Tyler Wentworth, Pop culture, Ellowyne Wilde, Evangeline Ghastly, Kickits and other. Into our collection belong also 2 Tiny BJD, 60 porcelain dolls and about 50 different dolls.

New dolls needed clothes and therefore we started to sew dresses for them. At the present time we make clothes and accessories first of all for our Tonner dolls. My mother prepares patterns, sews, knits and crochets; I sew too, make shoes, jewels and try to repaint the dolls. I like to make photographs of our dolls and their clothes and accessories too.

Through occasional sale of our dresses for dolls we try to get some money for buying other new dolls. We are happy when others like our work.

Our collection, production and creation you can see:

Our Flickr site.

My Facebook page


Thank you Veronika for sharing about yourself, your sister and your mom and all your collecting. We’ve been blessed with getting to know the Czech Republic Tonner collecting community such as when we met Marmarky, Erika and Denisa in the past. So nice coming in touch with how people collect Tonners from around the world

If anyone would like to share about themselves, their photography and how they came to Tonner dolls we’d love to hear from you. Just email me, Kevin, and




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  1. I loved your story! Your doll clothes are just beautiful!
    I especially like the dolls that show the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. They are so imaginative and original.
    Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Peggy from Boulder, CO USA

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