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The Pic of the Week

Our profile picture of Antoinette this past week came from Cynthia Witt. For those who don’t know we generally will select one of the many pictures that our collectors upload to our Facebook Page as our profile picture as part of our celebration of the many talented collectors of Tonner Dolls. It is truly amazing what people across the world have been able to imagine and create. As it so happens Cynthia also comes from Poland, just as Marta Piotrowicz is, last week’s selection. It seems that there is a very interesting community of visionary Tonner collectors in Poland.

This is what Cynthia tells us about herself by email:

“At  first  I  would  like to thank you for choosing my photo. I’m very happy and proud for this…

My  name  is  Cynthia  Witt. I live in Warsaw in Poland. I’m working in large  company but I’m still trying to find more time for my passions. And  I  have many passions 🙂 One of them is photography. I really do love taking photos of beautiful and important things or places. Also  I  love  traveling. I was in Africa and I’m falling in love with wildlife.

Two  years  ago I discovered dolls, most of all Robert Tonner’s dolls. They are absolutely fascinating with their amazing personality. I love make   portraits   to  show  their  soul  and spirit. Few weeks ago I decided  to start a blog: (this link translates her blog from the Polish to English) – now I can share of my passion with other collectors.”

More Collectors are Blogging

One thing we have been hoping is that more of our collectors will begin blogging to help archive their fantastic creations, and give the doll collecting community a platform to share and exchange ideas with more depth.  Just a few weeks ago Tamara in Mexico began blogging in English.  And now Cynthia has in Poland. Even though she’s just started out Cynthia’s blog is already something to see (use Google Translate to read it in English).  As she writes about the soul of our 2010 Tyler:

“What caught my attention is its gothic atmosphere – lovely pale shade of the body of Lily Skintone and jet-black, long hair…It’s really unusual, but Tonner dolls have a soul. There must be pristine or perfect features clothes, and still able to charm :-)”

Visit and support your fellow collector blogs. And remember, it always feels good to receive blog comments. If you have any favorite blogs that you follow and would like to see more of here on the Tonner Blog be sure to mention them in comments or email them to us at


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