Marvel Universe Black Cat Review by Courtney Robinson

Guest Post

Black Cat is one feisty woman. Mainly featured in the “Spider-Man” comics, Black Cat is a woman who can hold her own in the Marvel Universe. Originally, I was going to wait on her due to financial restraints…but when I saw that only a few people bought her and of course, a special “sneak attack” sale happened, I knew I had to buy her.

When I got her….I looked at the shipper box (pictured here) and thought, “Ok…how is she going to turn out? Will it be awesome, weird, amazing, cute?” All of those things went through my mind. So I carefully opened and saw that she was in PERFECT condition with amazing looks. In the box I saw these items/accessories: mask, boots, collar with bell, extra set of nude hands, and stand. I put the boots on first.  One of the things that bug me when I am putting on the boots are a pain to PUT ON. Took me a few tries, but I got them on.

So….after patiently trying to put on the boots, I then decided to mess with her collar with the bell on it. Easy little thing to put on her.

Looking at her face….it is just breathtaking. Tonner has done a great job with the face. I noticed that with her face that her eyebrows are indeed white, while her hair is a platinum blonde. But looking at how it all ties in together.  Lastly, I put on the mask.

The mask does indeed cover up her eyebrows (if you are not a fan of white eyebrows) and makes her stand out even more. The mask matches how she looks in the Marvel Comics.

Looking at her overall, you can see that Tonner has done justice in bringing the Black Cat to the Marvel Universe collection. This is a great doll for the Marvel Comic fan, Spider-Man fan, and doll lover in your life to have.



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