Marie, a French fashionista – French Tonner collectors by Cecile Favotti

Because Cecile Favotti is such a center of French Tonner collecting due to her very popular French doll collecting forum Miss Vinyl Boutique after her initial blog post on herself, Collecting Tonner the French Way we asked her to also share with us other French collectors she knows so that we all can get a glimpse of collecting around the world. Below is the first of these sharings.


Guest Post

Fashion is a process of constant renewal. It’s through a rebirth that Marie, a French collector, discovered the Tonner company.

Fond of the Brenda doll designed by Sandra Bilotto, Marie naturally fell in love with the new Brenda designed by Robert Tonner when Tonner Doll bought the Effanbee company. Her first purchase was “Garden Party Confidential“, the green tailored ensemble was an ode to couture and Hollywood classical myth.

Then came “Cruise on the Nile” and the first Tyler “Petit Ensemble Noir” from Le Théâtre de la Mode, a very popular collection among French collectors for its historical heritage. When Marie talks about her dolls she likes to refer them as the dolls from the House of Tonner like you might say from a house of Haute Couture like Chanel or Dior. This is because of the quality of the dolls that is recognizable to all, a fascinating face sculpt and a naturally well proportioned body that is never vulgar or aggressive.

Marie loves to collect the 1950-1960 era. Monica Merrill is her favorite. She has been overwhelmed by the witty and mischievous look of this gal. She owns almost the entire collection of dressed dolls and outfits. Sometimes though there are some uncontrollable slides. A contemporary and trendy Cami takes over this groovy passion.

Collecting Tonner dolls is experiencing a certain sense of style, entering a haven, a suggested lifestyle favorable to the imagination. Marie calls it the egocentric connection between a collector and his dolls.

On the contrary, the other side of collecting is sharing with others collectors or showing to neophytes by blogging. Marie likes to show her latest purchases on her blog My Darling Dolls. Ironically, she doesn’t talk about selling items which is seen as little betrayals. Her blog is a great way to meet new friends with an almost inborn common language with Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands..Or to start projects that we won’t believe able to be achieve: creating displays for the dolls, organizing some treasure hunts for right scaled objects, immortalizing the result in a photo shoot, etc.

In the universe of a true fashionista accessories are the final touch. Marie desires an outrageous dressing for her dolls with fine jewelry, designer handbags, hats and stylish furniture.

Tonner has been generous in offering a comfortable and exciting cocoon where we can play. The future is full of promises with this new Precarious collection. Marie is just fascinated by the entire line, a symbol of perfection, a timeless elegance, never conventional, almost subversive. Robert Tonner, like every talented artist, knows when to reinvent himself… what an exciting perspective.

Marie’s Blog : My Darling Dolls Blog

6 responses to “Marie, a French fashionista – French Tonner collectors by Cecile Favotti

  1. I, too, fell in LOVE with Brenda Starr. First, as a little girl, reading the Sunday funny papers on my dad’s knee. Then, once I could read all by myself, I foliowed the exploits of my hero every day! I didn’t just LOVE Brenda Starr, Best Reporter Ever — I wanted to BE Brenda Starr. Maybe that’s why I’m a writer?

    When I found Tonner’s Brenda Starr dolls, I fell in love again. I now own 14 Brendas, and I adore each one! I walk into my art studio every day and say “Hi” to all the dolls, because bringing home all those Brenda dolls led to many other acquisitions. Betsy McCall, Fancy Nancy, Agnes Dreary, the Disney storybook dolls, the Wizard of Oz collection, and six Ellowyns, plus many more. But… my always heart belongs to Brenda!

  2. Marie, I love your blog, and I was delighted to see you featured on the Tonner blog. For me, you’ve have summed up all that I love about Tonner dolls with your phrase: “….a fascinating face sculpt and a naturally well proportioned body that is never vulgar or aggressive.”
    Vulgarity and aggression, which seem to have overtaken haute couture in both the human and doll worlds, are completely absent from The Tonner Doll Company. For this, I salute collectors like you, Marie, and thank the wonderful designers and staff at Tonner!
    Peggy T.

  3. Je suis très heureuse de vos gentils commentaires et je vous en remercie. Les poupées Tonner ont beaucoup d’admirateurs et de collectionneurs en France qui apprécient leur élégance et leur total raffinement. Je fais partie de ces passionnés et j’éprouve toujours beaucoup de plaisir à photographier les poupées des collections Tonner. Chacune a son caractère et sa manière de sourire à l’objectif, mais toutes sont tellement ravissantes et séduisantes que c’est à chaque fois une merveilleuse expérience.

    [Google trans. into English: “I am very happy for your kind comments and I thank you. Tonner Dolls has many admirers and collectors in France who appreciate their elegance and total refinement. I am one of those fans and I have always enjoyed photographing dolls Tonner collections. Each has its character and way of smiling at the lens, but all are so lovely and seductive as it is every time a wonderful experience.” ^kv ]

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