Send in Your LittleMissMatched Girls Photos for a Tonner Toys Website Design

Be a Tonner Toys Photographer!

Hey all LittleMissMatched Girls fans, we would love to have some help with one of the prospective website designs for the new Tonner Toys website. Inspired by the photos from Charlie’s LittleMissMatched Girl review for us, it would be great to have you send in photos that could work as a backdrop of one of the backdrop pages.

Of course we cannot guarantee that your photo would be used, or even that this is the page design we will choose, but we are really high on this idea. It would be wonderful to have you capture your LittleMissMatched Girl or Girls how you see them.

So what we are looking for are photos of a particular composition. Charlie’s photo, pictured below, inspired us, but we may need ones that are composed with the doll focus on the left or the right side. It also is great of they take up much of the length of the frame.

  • Indoor or Outdoor is great – but the feeling of her being at play is what we are after
  • Group shots if you have more than one LittleMissMatched Girl are encouraged too
  • The emphasis is on fun, the doll is the star
  • High resolution is best, and minimum pixel dimensions are: 1920 x 1020 – but we can worry about that
  • LittleMissMatched Girls clothes and Fashion Packs only – show us what outfits you like best!

So send all submission pics to with the subject “Website Pics” or you can upload them directly to the Tonner Toys Facebook page.

Below you can see the basic website design we are thinking about in a very rough layout. You can see the unique requirements we are looking for:

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in comments or email me at

Update: Thanks to Charlie who really helped us out with two great photos! The Tonner Toys site is launched!


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