LittleMissMatched Patterns, Ashleigh, Ellowyne, Scarlett and Martie pics – Doll Blog Roundup

It is not easy to keep up with doll blogs so our Doll Blog Roundup is meant to make it a bit easier. Headline content from some of the best doll blogs just to keep you reading in the loop, with an emphasis – but not always – on Tonner subject matter. Let us know if this is helpful. In this Roundup there are a lot of photo posts, but we hope to catch more articles and shares as we go along.



Toferet’s Empty Bobbin Has LittleMissMatched Patterns

Sure Tonner Toys LittleMissMatched Girls have lots of great fashion packs, but it is always great when taking it to the next level and sewing your own clothes too. Patterns for the LMM girls posted.

LMM patterns here found via Char of Doll Diaries


Doll Diaries Posts a Great Ellowyne Pic

Char has really been expanding her photography in the last months and it seems that her journey into Ellowyne is a big part of it. If you’ve been following her posts on Doll Diaries you can see that she makes a perfect model!

Char’s Ellowyne post here


Charlie’s Martie Goes to the Spa

Everyone in Twitter #dollchat and on our Facebook has come to know Charlie’s “Martie” (a modified Tonner Rapunzel, and her very special companion doll). I’m a huge fan of how Charlie photographs, she always captures some kind of freshness in her dolls, and her pics of Martie are no different.

Charlie’s post and photo here

Boots C Villavecer Posts a Scarlett

Boots offers up another fantastic Scarlett from our Gone With the Wind line, as always bringing that painterly sensitivity to his subject. Boots is a Tonner Collector in the Philippines, if you love his work check out our introduction to him from our blog.

See the rest of Boot’s work here


Ashleigh by Alison on The Fashion Doll Review

Alison has been playing Ashleigh beautifully lately and below is her latest creation. Happy to see this photo in Duel Duels too!  Alison is using Topaz filters in this pic. She is dressed in Bettlejuice fashion, wearing a two-toned Monique Gold wig called Jojo.

Alison’s post on Ashleigh here

The Doll Whisperer on Ashleigh Too

Marta who is one of the most portrait-oriented doll photographers on the web has a blog that a ridiculous number of amazing Tonner doll photos. Be sure to check out her flawless stagings, this series is just another one in a long line of Tonner doll photography.

Ashleigh Au Naturale Raven [Two Daydreamers Exclusive, LE300, Tonner Doll Company, Ashleigh is wearing Sydney Belladonna outfit [ Tonner Doll Company]

see all of the Doll Whisperer’s photos of Ashleigh here



3 responses to “LittleMissMatched Patterns, Ashleigh, Ellowyne, Scarlett and Martie pics – Doll Blog Roundup

  1. Thanks for highlighting these great posts! And thanks for including two of mine in there, too. I can’t help myself when it comes to Ellowyne – she is so photogenic and has such sass. I did another photoshoot with Going in Circles Ellowyne today – she is ready for the Olympic Games to start.

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