LittleMissMatched Uptown Girl Takes D.C. by Storm!

Hello Mr. President...

Hey there, Tonner Lovers!  We’re so glad you’re joining us for story-time today, because LittleMissMatched Uptown Girl just got back from her field-trip to Washington, D.C., and she just cannot wait to show you her vacation album!  According to her travel partner, she hob-nobbed with the presidential dog Bo, who toured her around the White House and downtown D.C..

Found Bo in the park

She came back inspired to maybe one day run for office.  Hey, you never know!

Aspire to be great!

This album documents Uptown Girl’s inspiring trip to our nation’s capital, where her initial intent was to advocate for a cause near and dear to hear heart:  National “Rock Your Socks” Day, which is right around the corner, on October 21st (mark your calendars!!!).

It’s a very important cause,  and according to LMM’s  blog, here’s why:

With more and more tweens being bullied to conform, our nation is at a cross roads.  One road leads to the dull: a place where we all part our hair on the same side, where we all eat vanilla ice cream, where we all wear matching socks.  Another road leads to creativity & self-expression…where we are free to be YOU and ME!

Sooooooo, LittleMissMatched, along with many petitioners, created National “Rock Your Socks” Day  – which is a day created to encourage “kids” of all ages (1-101!) to free their feet and rock their crazy socks as a symbol of creativity. 

For more information and to participate in this worthwhile cause, visit the LMM Blog!  Don’t forget to check out Uptown’s whole vacation album, too!

Uptown Girl makes her address promoting October 21st as National "Rock Your Socks" Day.

So, Tonner-ites, come October 21st, you betta ROCK those socks!



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