Let the games begin: Convention is HERE!!

Departure time on Wednesday.... That's AM folks!

We’re HERE, and we’re getting this party started!  After a long and arduous journey, we are getting everything ready for the 300+ collectors that are going to soon arrive.  Yesterday, our trucks arrived at 8am sharp, holding all of our precious cargo.  Team Tonner had those trucks filled with 42 pallets unloaded and organized in one hour and fifteen minutes.  We rock.  Check it out!


Empty-ish Staging Area... The Beginning
Whistle While You Work: Tonner's Lorri Booth and Volunteer and Table Hostess Jennifer Domholt
Michelle Hodge and Eric Goodman keep on truckin'! Fill 'er up!
More unloading...

Day One involves the following:  Unloading the truck into our staging area, organizing the product by event, opening several hundred dolls so that Robert can sign them, and then delicately and gently re-packing them.  It’s kind of like what the elves do at the North Pole during Christmas.  To see all the pics of Day One:  Set Up click HERE!


Don’t forget about the QR Code Scavenger Hunt!!  You’re about to get your first clue here shortly, so stay tuned, dear friends!! Whoohooo!

Related Side Note:  SO glad to have you all following along this wonderful adventure!  It’s about to get crazy, so buckle up, and helmets on!

2 responses to “Let the games begin: Convention is HERE!!

  1. Just a funny note regarding the top picture of the clock. Is that a stove clock? I thought you take everything including the kitchen sink. I have never heard of taking the stove? You must have really been sleepy! LOL

    1. Oh, Judi, how we enjoy your sense of humor!! It absolutely is a stove clock. Took it as we were waiting on our Tonner caravan to pick us up. Should have taken a pic as soon as the alarm went off. The clock would have read 3:00am….. !! Can’t tell you how long it’s been since we’ve seen the sun come up. Too funny, we’re so happy you’ve come along for the ride with us! More fun to come! Thanks for your comment, Judi!

      Team Tonner

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