how about joining the Fantastic Fangirls’ (Comic) Book Club?

They’ll be discussing the graphic novel Finder: Voice available in both print and electronic additions at Fantastic Fangirls will be having a round table discussion of the work on Monday September 5th. Read about it here: Fantastic Fangirls (Comic) Book Club: September Edition

In a society defined by its intricate network of clans, Rachel Grosvenor has grown up an outcast, straddling worlds. Now, her quest for admission to a highly exclusive clan sends Rachel spiraling into the dark underbelly of Anvard and a paradox that holds the key to her future: How do you find a Finder?


If interested read the excellent Finder:Voice review over at Read About Comics.

Finder: Voice takes place in McNeil’s city-state of Anvard, a curious mix of past traditions and future technology. It’s a little hard at times to fully explain Anvard, with its multiple clans, regions of partial or total darkness, and the ever-growing feeling that this is a city full of people desperately trying to ignore the decay that is accelerating in the background. And while Finder: Voice wasn’t intended to be a brand-new opening to the series (it was serialized for some time online on McNeil’s website before Dark Horse announced acquiring the series), I found myself surprised at how much McNeil does in the way of introducing both old and new readers to her setting...


…Part of what makes Finder in general such an immersive experience is McNeil’s art, which is packed full of detail and expression. Strictly in terms of portraits, the art is a winner; Rachel hits all points throughout this book, from bravely looking forward to terrified glances over her shoulder. Moments as simple as a smiling man forever following Rachel carry a great deal of menace under McNeil’s pen; even the minor characters get a great amount of detail here.

For more information sci-fi fans check or Carla Speed McNeil’s blog.

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