It’s All About the Hunger Games!





If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’ve at least seen all the publicity about the movie.  It’s everywhere!  Some people are calling it bigger than the Harry Potter movies!

You may have seen our You Tube videos, but in case you haven’t, Tonner Doll has the license to produce Hunger Games figures!   Here’s the link to the You Tube video:   Tonner Hunger Games Figures

Here are just a few of the links to the information provided by the press:

Most of these are fan sites – so you can just tell how wide this series is reaching.  The studio is already in talks for the second movie.

How many of you have seen the movie?  What did you think??

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3 responses to “It’s All About the Hunger Games!

  1. Loved The Hunger Games, and I have never before seen what Jennifer Lawrence did in THG with this much of a pro-female script in my lifetime at the movies. The authenticity of the compassionate singing by one nearly grown woman (Katniss) for another (Rue) as Katniss holds and comforts the dying Rue on screen may account for the repeat business at THG from young women. Emotionally powerful at so many levels.

    We also have not seen before in film this much bravery of sisters, as occurs in THG, where the bigger sister (Lawrence) is encouraging the littler sister, followed by a scene of heroic sisterly bravery to protect the littler sis from death-by-combat. Lawrence is acting with Oscar-caliber quality and deserves any iconic treatment of her character in the minds of children.

    These seemed like very good things for a popular movie to convey in a film industry where girls and women have so few constructive role models.

      1. I totally agree.
        I haven’t read the books yet, but after seeing the movie I’m headed to the library to gobble them up. I really love the emotion Jennifer Lawrence brings to THG movie. You really feel for the characters that she feels for. Rue’s death held such deep pain for Katniss’s character that without her emotional response you might not have really cared about Rue or all those poor kids dying in the games. This kind of rich characterization is so poignant and you’re right about this kind of role not typically being crafted for a female lead. You usually see the big brother character stepping up to protect his little brother and family etc, but to give all that strength and bravery to a young woman is truly refreshing. I really love the idea of comraderly amongst brothers/men and to see that same spirit of bravery and friendship from a female lead is really cool. (Katniss w/her sister; Katniss w/Rue; even Katniss w/Peeta). I love how Katniss helps takes care of Peeta and risks her own life to save him. Most of the time, you have the guy rescuing the damsel in distress – so it’s a rare treat when the woman is the definitive hero.
        I can’t wait for the sequel and hope they do the third book into a movie so we’ve got them all. Until then, I’m looking forward to reading the books.

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