In Celebration of Halloween and the Day of the Dead by Arlene Loves Dolls

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I love Halloween and I love Lady Gaga with her over the top outfits.  In June, doll repainter Laurie Leigh auctioned a Glinda repainted as a Lady Gaga skull which was the perfect combination of Gaga and ghoul.  I regretted not winning the auction when Tonner announced the Comic Con Zombie Boy. With his nose ring and elaborate tattoos, I just had to have him. I commissioned a Gaga repaint from Laurie using the Eye of the Beholder Daphne.  Laurie preserved Daphne’s amazing black and pink hairstyle and I can always attach a pink ponytail if I feel like it.

Eventually I’d like to get another doll repainted and styled as Gaga in another one of her videos.  It would be great if Tonner would create one.

Zombie Boy and Lady Gaga


I found a skull guitar and Day of the Dead vodka and tequila bottles, and along with Evangeline’s headstone, I created this little scene. With some backdrops and different props, I can make a new scene for them every year.
Zombie and Lady Gaga celebrate the Day of the Dead


Medusa has always been my favorite mythological character and Laurie brought her to life using a deluxe Wonder Woman head on a NuMood body. I approved her concept drawing and suggested red snake eyes and a blood tear since this Medusa is suffering from the process of turning into a monster.  The patches of snake skin under her eyes are cool.  I’d just like to find some snake jewelry to complete her look.


Above is Angelique (named after the vampire from Dark Shadows who was the first female vampire I remember from my childhood). She’s an alabaster mannequin Antoinette repainted by Bordello Dolls. Next year I want my male alabaster mannequin Hal Jordan to be transformed into her vamp companion.


I have been hooked on Tonner dolls since 1999 when Party of the Season Tyler came out.  It’s fun to display them (I have over 100), redress them, pose them with props and photograph them. There are so many different sculpts that each of my dolls look unique, especially with a gorgeous gown or funky costume. I can use my imagination to turn my beautiful dolls into anything I want, just like I did as a child.  Yes, some people never grow up.

I will treasure my wonderful collection of Tonner dolls for years to come.  Thanks, Robert!  Here’s to you.

A Halloween Toast from Sister Dreary




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