Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 – Roundtable Discussion

Younger Harry w/ his Gryffindor Robe

For all you who loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II, there is a wonderful roundtable discussion of all its fantastic merits and its few flaws over at Made of Fail. Made of Fail is the creation of Kevin and Dayna, an often irreverent and definitely entertaining podcast on all things comic/fantasy/geek inspired. They make quite a team. For the Harry Potter review they were joined by Tonner Doll collector and Potter enthusiast Cleolinda Jones, devoted Potterist Mark Reads and Rinna of PotterFicWeekly. (Dayna actually sat the discussion itself out, for what seems to have been a humorous but still resolute personal refusal of all things Potter, from what I can gleen, lol.)

The Podcast Page is Here (click)

What I want to say about this podcast – and it is the second Made of Fail I’ve listened to, Green Lantern being the other – is that it is just filled with all the real passion and brain that makes us love these kinds of movies. The chemistry banter between Dayna and Kevin is incredibly infectious, and it is a real treat to go over all the details of the film again through the eyes of each of these wonderful people. I say do as I did and just put the podcast on and let it play as you do other things. A great hour plus of fantasy and Harry Potter fun. I’ll be watching out for their next podcast.

Warning: a wee bit of the language is adult. There was a great deal of preamble in this episode as everyone gets caught up with each other, the Harry Potter review begins about 30 minutes or so in, if you’d like to skip straight to it.

The podcast is also available by subscription to itunes.

If unfamiliar with how mp3s work. You can right click the link “download direct as an mp3” on the main page and save the file to your computer “Save link as” (it is a big file though), or you can listen to it directly here:  Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2, it will just start playing – just click the black bar to jump forward or backwards.

The Made of Fail (@Made_of_Fail)

MADE OF FAIL is a Chaotic Neutral podcast cobbled together out of duct tape and chutzpah by the absurd ideas of Kevin O’Shea and Dayna Abel. Made of Fail is updated whenever we get around to it and focuses on various aspects of nerd culture; awesomely weird news; pimping out indie bands and songs you just don’t hear enough lately; our mutual love of the semicolon; and corrupting the youth of America with TOTALLY AWESOME STUFF one podcast at a time. Occasionally we might delve into srs bsns, but that’s because WE CAN.

Kevin O’Shea (@alliancesjr) is the evil computer mastermind and progenitor of Made of Fail. He is a suburban-dweller raised primarily on Hebrew National beef franks and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Areas of expertise include playing World Of Warcraft, being relatively technologically proficient and losing battles of wits to his co-hostess. Various talents include playing the tambourine, being self-confident and self-deprecating all at once and somehow being able to justify the Gin Blossoms. Claims to be an avid writer.

Dayna Abel (@queenanthai) is a feisty much older 20-something (STILL, OKAY?) than her co-host and will thank him not to rub that in. She has counted much of northern Illinois as her home, along with various sojourns in Texas, Georgia and Louisiana. Her wit is quick like ninja and her opinions trump everyone else’s, always. Fandoms she is frighteningly devoted to are Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Final Fantasy, Rule 34, mid-90’s grunge and DC Comics. Other pseudo-talents are screwing around on guitar whilst Kevin William Shatners for all he’s worth, amateur photography, writing semi-witty biographies and trying to enjoy various aspects of Japanese culture without turning into an otaku douchemonkey.

For those less interested in the podcast itself Cleolinda covers her very thoughtful opinion over at her blog Occupation Girl. And great blog to check out nonetheless.

You can also follow Cleolinda on Twitter at @Cleolinda, Mark at @panasonicyouth  and Rinna at @Erin_Marie

4 responses to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 – Roundtable Discussion

  1. Made of Fail deserves the love! I confess I’ve listened to every episode of this geektastically awesome podcast (even the early ones where they are still kind of figuring out How To Do A Podcast are fun) and also that it frequently makes me laugh inappropriately on trains (inappropriately because other commuters are probably wondering what the heck I’m laughing at, and/or because I’m laughing at Dayna’s jokes!).

    Cleolinda is a great guest on the show, and also, I never would have known that Tonner was selling a gorgeous Harley Quinn doll (that I love v much!) and bought her on the spot, if I hadn’t been at the Tonner booth of New York Comic Con 2009 photographing Tonner dolls for Cleolinda to see! It’s All Her Fault! But that’s okay, because she and her love of dolls are both wonderful. 🙂

    1. I agree Emily. I find Dayna’s humor absolutely hilarious – a little edgy for some maybe, but just plain funny. Very talented pair and great guests. So glad you found Harley Quinn through Cleolinda. Podcasts are like the early radio of our day, where the passion comes through.

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