Harnessing the “Power of Play” with Tonner’s Nu Mood by Shannon Craven

Guest Post

by Shannon Craven, Artist at Flutterwing.com

Nu Mood's Curvy Paige was the perfect sculpt to transform into Marvel's Storm.

Tonner’s support of the “Power of Play” recently reached a whole new level with the introduction of the Nu Mood Collection.

Shown with two fists held in front

The new line boasts dolls with interchangeable hand and foot options, new body style options and an expanded world of possible doll customization options.  As a doll repaint and customization artist, for me this was an exciting and welcomed addition to the already amazing variety that Tonner dolls provide.  This line provides added “play value” for everyone from the casual collector, to the amateur customizer, to the professional doll artist.  I thought I would share my first entry into the world of Nu Mood – a One-of-a-Kind X-Men Storm.

Curvy Paige's face was repainted in a more dramatic, comic style.

With Tonner’s recently-obtained Marvel licensing, Tonner has been turning out highly popular comic heroes like Emma Frost, Donna Troy and Rogue.  A number of fans had mentioned wanting a “Storm” doll, and I thought the Nu Mood African American Curvy Paige was an excellent contender for Storm.

Thus began the transformation.  Curvy Paige’s deep brown wig was shed in favor of one with a full head of lush, white blonde locks.  Her lovely facial features were repainted in a more dramatic, comic book style, with frosty blue eyes, extreme arched brows and a more exaggerated fullness to her lips.

Her “extra curvy” figure was costumed in a classic Storm costume.  Her convertible feet were left with the high heeled feet she arrived with, although they provided the option of a flat-booted superheroine.   Storm’s sexy boots called for high heels, so they were left as is.  Still, all of the convertible feet have the added bonus of turning foot in or out at the ankle, which gives the doll broader posing options.  For other super-heroines with flat boots, I imagine the flat foot to high heel option would be great for dressing in “alter-ego” fashions.

Both fists on hips

Storm took over two months to complete, with other commissions (and a spring vacation) in between.  As she neared completion this week, I was excited to received email notification that her Nu Mood hands

Storm Holding Lightning Bolts

would be arriving just in time to see her completed.  Her new fists, holding hands and graceful hands seemed to offer endless posing and display possibilities!  The holding hands gave me the idea to create lightning bolts for her to hold.  I took a multitude of photographs with her different hands in different combinations, and it definitely expanded her photo shoot far beyond the normal amount of time I spend photographing.  I could have played with her all day!   Here are a few of the photos I took and I hope you enjoy them.  I also hope they inspire you to think of all the new play, posing and photography options that the Nu Mood line opens up to the Tonner doll Collector as you combine different hand and foot configurations.  The new hands and convertible feet can also be used with some of the other dolls you may own (with the spice and bloom skin tones) and I have heard talk of Tonner offering them in the older tan skin tone in the future as well.  My fingers are crossed for that one!

Shown here with one hand holding a bolt, the other graceful hand raised

Just as an FYI, this OOAK Storm has been sold to a private collector who contacted me when I showed her as a work in progress on the Tonner page.  I hope you enjoyed seeing her and have fun playing with your dolls!  🙂

Tyler-style hands are standard with the Nu Mood Curvy Paige



Shown here with one hand holding a lightening bolt, the other in a fist at her hip






















Shannon is a great contributor to our bi-weekly Twitter #dollchat, if you’d like to chat with her and all of us come on by on Tuesdays at 9pm, and Sundays at 2pm. You can tweet her at @ipaintdolls.



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  1. Shannon,
    I also love the old school Storm she is one of my favorite X-Men, You have done an excelent job capturing her grace and beauty.

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