Guest Post: Tonner Patsy Lovers – Dolls & Friends Doll Club, Phoenix, AZ

GUEST BLOG POST – Dolls & Friends Doll Club, Phoenix, AZ

By Julia Varga

Last year when Patsy made her debut everyone in my doll club, Dolls & Friends Doll Club in Phoenix, AZ, fell in love with her.  We decided we would make her our project doll in our next year which runs from Sept. thru May.  When we scheduled our monthly programs we came up with different ideas that have been great.  In September we made Fur Wigs in different colors that turned out rather well.  Mine was pink, but others made yellow, red or blue.  I have to admit I was rather nervous about taking Patsy’s wig off to get the fur one on, but it was a lot of fun.  Linda, our club member who taught the class, made us all feel a lot better about doing different things with our dolls instead of just the traditional.

julia 1





In October, Patty had a program to make a Witchy Walking Stick that went well with our girls Halloween outfits.  November had all of us making a simple wig stand that could also be used to hold hats.  I tried to keep it simple and within our timeline so everyone could finish before we left.  Everyone was very creative with the different colors they painted theirs.

julia 2
julia 3

We decided when we make something for our Patsy, we would make an additional item for our UFDC donation doll.  This month Susie got a trunk for our donations and we added everything we’ve made or donated so far.  A picture is above along with your donation.  Our project this month was to decorate hats for our Patsy’s as part of Kay’s program. Everyone’s hats went well with their Valentine’s Day dresses.  Below are some pictures.

julia 4 julia 5 julia 6 julia 7

Here’s a picture of the club members with our Patsy’s.

julia 8

Back row, l to r:  Vivian, me, Cheryl, Vicki, Patty    Mid row: Terri, Margie, Jeri, Lee, Kay    Front row:  Susie, Nancy, Gail

We hope this encourages other clubs to join in the Patsy fun.

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