Groundhog Day!



Today is Groundhog Day – the day poor Puxatony Phil dreads- as they pull him out of his den to, of course, see his shadow for 6 more weeks of winter! To me, it’s the start of another year of shows, conventions, and events.

It is always a busy time here at Tonner. Definitely gets the blood pumping! I definitely look forward to our next convention (May 17-20) and look forward to seeing all my doll friends again! It always feels like a family gathering. And I love to meet all the First Timers that attend and get to share not only MY passion for dolls but for everyone at the convention to welcome them in – and I have to say that Tonner collectors are very welcoming !

In that spirit, I would love to read what your favorite convention moment has been. Please comment here so we can all enjoy!

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  1. Groundhog day is/was my birthday…sorry I didn’t post on this day! I did celebrate with a new doll, though! It was a gorgeous Bella repaint that I posted pictures of on Tonner’s Facebook page…having trouble getting her on Doll Duels…but I know Kevin and the “techies” are still trying to figure out what the issue is so maybe we can still get her up there! Diane

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