Great Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman Tribute

Tonner friend Shannon Craven of Flutterwing Designs produced the above pure tribute to Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. Enjoy!

“This One of a Kind Doll was originally a Tonner Suzette sculpt doll. She was repainted and restyled by artist Shannon Craven to resemble Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the first season of the classic TV series. Her costume was originally a Tonner DC Wonder Woman costume that was embellished to resemble her first season suit. Her Diana Prince costume suit was sewn by Windy City Shop and embellished by Shannon Craven of Flutterwing Designs”

Suzette was originally an exclusive that we made for our retailer Cherished Friends.

Of course – if inspired – check out our DC Stars collection for your own creations:

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