How to Follow our Live Twitter Coverage of the QVC LittleMissMatched Girls


Unexpected we had to cancel our plans for a live Twitter coverage. 🙁

So the below is just for reference for future events. We have significant plans for Twitter live coverage of up-coming Tonner events. We’ll be on Twitter if you want to join us, all the same.





Join Us On Twitter Thursday – QVC LittleMissMatched Girls

We are all pretty excited about our very first live Twitter coverage of an event. The much anticipated launch of Tonner Toys and LittleMissMatched Girls is on QVC on September 8th at 1 pm EST, and we are going to be live on Twitter for the hour under the hashtag #tonnerQVC. You can watch it and chat along with Joanne and possibly some surprised guest tweeters (cross your fingers). And you can watch the show straight from your computer from the QVC site if that is more convenient for you (below).


How to Follow the Twitter Conversation

The great thing is that you don’t even have to be on Twitter to follow the conversation. You can follow it directly on TweetChat where we have a TweetChat page >>  specifically devoted to the event. Below shows the what the stream looks like, and where you sign in if you already have a Twitter account.


If you do have a Twitter account after you sign-in the screen will look like that that below. You can post in real time right in the box, and the event hashtag #tonnerQVC will automatically be added to your comment. Of course you can also manually tweet with the tag #tonnerQVC to any tweet of yours to be included in the stream.


I’ve Heard of Twitter How Do I Start It?

We realize that a lot of our fans are not yet following us on Twitter. And we also realize that Twitter might be hard to jump right into. Below is a nice and easy video tutorial on how to start a Twitter account. Also, if any of you have problems opening one and need guidance we’ll be glad to walk you through it if you email Kevin at





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