So Few Female DC Creators? – the SDCC Fem-Gate Controversy

If you had not caught wind of it, Sara “Babs” Lima at Comic Vine has an excellent framing of the Fem-Gate controversy sparked by a woman’s question put to all-male DC panels at the SDCC… Where are all the Women? The issue moved between a drop in female solo titles to the creators themselves.

One of the most contentious topics (and something claimed by a male reader during the panel) is that DC Comics would go from having 12% of their creators being female to a mere 1% starting this fall. You can read more about exactly how this conversation started at The Beat. If these numbers are accurate, this drop in the number of women who would be working at DC is definitely staggering. It also means that the number of women working at DC would be a poor representation of the number of DC readers who are also women. The big question is, how accurate is this number and where did it come from?


The facts of the matter and the blogosphere conversation is nicely covered by Sara Lima, including a link to DC Women Kicking Ass blog’s in-depth thoughts and interviews on the matter (a talk with “Bat Girl Woman” who asked the original questions, and the perspective of others) and quoting at length the DC response to its fans. For those interested in the deeper issues of gender in the Comic world the Comic Vine article is well worth reading.

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