Feeling a Little Green? – Doll Diaries Has a St. Patrick’s Day Photo Contest – Dolls in Green

Let Your Irish Come Out

Char of Doll Diaries has a wonderful monthly doll photo contest we are just hearing about which sounds like great fun. She picks a theme each month and you can submit up to one photo a day, and at the end of the month 5 winners are chosen (3 random, 2 selected). The result is a big photo gallery wall, and lots of sharing and community.

As she explains it, for this month the theme is Green:


Since March is universally equated with St. Patrick’s Day, the donning of the green, the Luck of the Irish, and all those other kitschy things, the theme for this month’s event is “40 Shades of Green” (just like the Irish countryside). 

Take a photo of your dolls dressed in green, having a St. Patrick’s Day party, looking for the end of a rainbow or any other St. Patrick’s Day/Irish storyline that you can come up with. Read the entry details below, fill out the form below and then visit the March gallery (will be posted once I receive 2 entries) to see your entry and other reader entries.

  • Everyone is invited to submit ONE entry per day using the guidelines above.
  • We will draw 3 entries at random and 2 entries will be picked based on their creativity/excellence to receive an exclusive Doll Diaries Love t-shirt (Thanks to My Doll’s Life for supplying the white tees so I could make the shirts).
  • The parade will run from March 3-17, 2012.
  • If you are 13 and under you must have your parent’s permission to enter.
  • We will only publish photos that are of good quality and appropriate for viewers of all ages.

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The current gallery for 40 Shades of Green is here. There are only 4 more days to enter this month’s contest, but you can always jump in next month, it has been going on monthly since October. A lot of the photos are closer to American Girl photos, but Char is all ears for Robert’s designs loving variety, and having recently been swept up with Ellowyne over at Wilde Imagination. So feel free to submit Tonner dolls or Wilde Imagination dolls, in fact any doll you wish.

Lisa’s Trip to Capture Some Green

In fact, I learned about Char’s contest through Lisa (@nonniemous) blog post on the road trip she took to capture a St. Patrick’s Day photos – isn’t it wonderful how one thing sparks another. Lisa posted her blog post to #dollchat:

“Char over at Doll Diaries puts a lot of neat information and fun stuff up on her site, and her monthly themed reader photo galleries have always sounded like fun projects. My life is getting really busy right now, so if I’m going to do one of these entries, this really was the month to do it, no matter the theme. This month, of course, the theme was green and St. Patrick’s Day, no surprise. I have…issues with St. Patrick’s Day, issues enough that on general principle I refuse to acknowledge it in my personal holiday calendar. But then I realized I could still participate in the photo contest, if I just added in some snakes! (St. Patrick’s legend is that he drove all the snakes, aka pagans, out of Ireland.) A friend serendipitously had a couple dozen snakes left over from a Medusa costume, another friend tendered an invite for a weekend up and over at her place on the coast, and the Snakes’n’dolls road trip was born.”… read more

So What Do I Win?

Well of course you win the fun of it like Lisa, and an excuse to take creative photos for your dolls. But 5 people win Doll Diaries t-shirts for your doll (right now 18″ dolls in size, more sizes anticipated).  Two winners sent in pictures below:

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  1. Just had a blast and submitted my first “green” photo of Cami for the Shades of green contest. Loads of fun!

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