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Hey all, the first few days of Doll Duels have been going great and the response has been so positive.  We’ve had over 300 photos uploaded and lots of rave reviews…”addictive” seems to be the going word. The good news is that the site will be undergoing fairly constant improvements for the first few weeks as we feel out way towards the kinds of features that will really make it more enjoyable for all! And if anyone has feedback on what would make it better be sure to email me, Kevin, at, I’d be glad to have your thoughts. In some things we are restricted in what we are able to do, but we are constantly thinking of both big and small ways to upgrade the experience.

New Leaderboard, Sharing and Search

A few improvements have already come your way. One is that now the leaderboard has been expanded and much more designed for browsing. It shows 100 dolls at a time instead of 10, so if you are new to the site it is easy to in a single scroll get a grasp of all the dolls that people are loving. Remember, just click on any of thumbnails and it takes you to the doll’s profile page where you can read more about the doll and even leave Facebook comments.

A few tips on sharing a doll that you love.

You can link directly to any doll page by going to that page and copying the url in the address bar, or can share using the orange Share button at the bottom of the page which allows shares to nearly every service including the big ones like Facebook, Twitter and email (screenshots below).



The other feature we have added aside from the expanded leaderboard, is the search feature located at the top right of the page. You can now search for one of two things. If you see or remember the title of a doll photo you can search for it that way, it recognizes partial titles as long as you spell correctly. So “cami” will produce “cami” doll pics with the word “cami” used. But you can also search for the uploader’s name and see all the doll pics they have uploaded. Here too you can use a partial name. So “Shannon” will produce all “Shannon”s, but “Shannon Craven” will produce only Shannon Craven.

We are trying to make the site as flexible and social as possible, and these few changes are the first steps in that direction.

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