Favorite Holiday Movies

one magic christmas
One Magic Christmas

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Holidays are indeed magical – spending time with family, celebrating all the things we have to be joyful about.  It’s also a great time for holiday movies and I just thought i would share some of my favorite holiday movies with you.  Some of my favorite movies are not the most well known and I hope you get to add them to your favorite list.

First on my list is One Magic Christmas (photo above)  It’s about a mother who has lost the Christmas spirit and the Angel Gideon helps her find it again.  The two children in the story make it very special.

Next is a movie by Jim Henson Studios – it’s a mix of puppetry and live action.  The Christmas Toy.  The story is about Rugby, last year’s Christmas toy, that thinks he is also this year’s Christmas toy.  This one is great for kids and adults.  I instantly fell in love with Rugby and Apple the doll who was the special toy the year before.

christmas toy
The Christmas Toy

Love Actually is a newer movie to my list.  It follows the lives of 8 different couples during the holiday season.  It all takes place in London.

love actually
Love Actually

As the song lyric says, “These are a few of my favorite things.”  I hope you get a chance to watch them.  Please let us know your favorite holiday movies in the comments section
purple happy holidays.



5 responses to “Favorite Holiday Movies

  1. My faves – The Grinch – both of them, but I like the cartoon version the best. I love to watch it while I’m decorating.

  2. My favourite movie for Xmas is Walt Disney ” The Happiest Millionaire”. There is so much love in that movie and great music as well. Just change the lyrics and you’ll get a new Xmas song.

  3. A Christmas Story was something we watched yearly til my Grandmother passed. I continued the tradition & still watch it every year with my dad & husband. I also added Elf! Can ya get any cuter than Elf? I think not!

    Happy holidays to you & everyone @ Tonner, Nancy! <3

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