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If you have ever visited New York City then chances are you’ve been to FAO Schwarz toy store on 5th Avenue.  If you haven’t, you should.  It is a site to behold!  Of course, being the dollaholic that I am, the first time I went to the big city, I stopped by the store.  It did not fail to amaze.  I felt like a kid again.  Toys, dolls, games, cars, blocks, stuffed animals of amazing proportions and everything else you could ever imagine seeing in a toy store were there.

The first thing you see when you approach the store is the famous live Toy Soldier at the front door who greets you warmly and opens the door for you to step into a place where play is king.  The first floor is a mix of plush animals of all sizes – from tiny to an exact size rhino.  At the back of the store is a candy section filled to the brim with items such as a 8″ gummy bear which must weigh about 5 pounds, giant size candy bars, and bins filled with a mix-it-yourself blend of treats.  It also has a soda fountain where you can have ice cream or a number of other goodies to spoil your dinner.  🙂

When you ride the escalator past the life size plush animals up to the second floor, anticipation of seeing what’s next makes you stand on tippy toes to peer over the top.  “Here’s what I came to the store for.”, I told myself on that first visit.  “DOLLS!” (among all the other toys which I did not seem to see.)

Which brings me to the reason for this week’s blog.  On the occasion of it’s 150 anniversary, FAO has special exhibit cases all through the store. During the year they had different segments of toys represented.  FAO asked Robert Tonner to represent dolls in this very special exhibit space. During the months of September and October.  They also requested a special signing event which was held on September 24.  I had the pleasure of being there with Robert for the signing.  Again, it did not fail to amaze.  There was a huge sign in the very front of the store explaining what the exhibit of Robert’s very special dolls from the 20 plus years he has been making dolls.  Below are some photos from the event and the store.

If you have the opportunity to be in New York in the next few weeks, make sure you stop by.  You won’t be disappointed!

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Robert Tonner with Fans at FAO
FAO exhibit of City Girls
Tonner Doll Section at FAO Schwarz
Tonner Doll Harry Potter at FAO
Joanne getting the official greeting from the FAO Toy Soldier


















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