The Fantastic New Tonner Doll Website is Coming Soon!

Attention everyone! We are quickly approaching the launch of the brand new website which, as we have announced previously, will be replacing both the current and websites, eventually providing a one stop site for all things Tonner. Below is a screen shot of the home page design, just to give you a sneak-peek thrill.

We are really looking forward to the site going live and hope you are also. Enjoy!


The Home Page

Click to enlarge.


13 responses to “The Fantastic New Tonner Doll Website is Coming Soon!

    1. Most definitely Emma. But we will be building out the Archive data over time after launch (we did not want to delay any longer). So at launch the site will have an Archive, but it will become more and more complete as we go.

  1. Hi Kevin,

    This is probably totally illegal because it is not a Tonner question, but as a reference librarian, I am SO curious about your interesting surname. It sounds Austrian? We’ve been researching here at the library, but no luck!

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