Fan Video Submission – Shielah’s Cami in a Poetry Recital of Shelley

We really love having video submissions from our expressive fans. This one came from Shielah whom we were chatting with one day on Twitter under the #dollchat tag. She just was brimming with Cami-love and decided to just be a little creative. So lovely to take that moment and capture it and now the whole world can share. As she describes the scene..

“Audrea (I, actually) recited a Percy Bysshe Shelley poem. Andrew Robert, Carole (Woe and Whipped Cream Ellowyne), Ariel, Cythna, Audrea, Bernice (Wigged Ellowyne Too), and Lady Eleanor were all present for Audrea’s recitation.”

Sheilah has also written a 3 part introduction to Cami if you don’t know her, the 3rd of which is here.You can also catch up to her Cami and doll postings on her three sites:

The Cami Kingdom reference site:
Cythna’s Introspections
The Dolls of My Life

But you don’t have to be a prolific writer or videographer! You can just pick up your phone or camera and capture something fun and meaningful to you. And send it our way:


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