Fan Review: Jonathan Gordon Reviews Tonner’s Emma Frost from Marvel Universe

Emma Frost Meets Dark Phoenix.... By Jonathan Gordon

Our friend and yours, Mr. Jonathan Gordon, has written a stellar review on one of our latest heroines from the Marvel Universe:  Emma Frost (click to see her)!  Many of you have come to know and love Jonathan via the TONNERDirect Facebook page, and we have seen in him a HUGE passion for comics and collecting.

One of the things Jonathan often posted about was Emma Frost, and how much he was DYING to see Tonner bring her to life.  All the while, I knew she was coming down the pike.  It was all I could do to keep that secret!  Somehow I managed, and last week, when when we launched the latest release, Jonathan was no where to be found.

Weird, I thought.   Well, maybe he’s at work, or has loads of other life-stuff to do, like laundry or grocery shopping or… Anyway, finally, at about 2 or 3pm, Jonathan finally appeared on our FB page, and let’s just say he was totally stoked about seeing Emma Frost in all her vinyl glory.

He placed his order for his beloved right away, and then sat watching his mailbox, waiting, hoping, willing her to arrive (ok maybe he didn’t do this, but this is what I pictured).

Anyway, when she arrived, he immediately logged onto our FB page to share his enthusiasm and excitement with us (and how Jonathan may, or may not, have nearly run down the mailman as he attempted to deliver the Tonner package), and our dear friend Courtney Robinson suggested that he do a fan review.  And so, friends, here we are!

Let’s give it up for Mr. Jonathan Gordon:  Newest Collector Reviewer!  *thunderous applause*

 We have seen the spell-casting Scarlet Witch, the fiery vixen Phoenix, and even the tough Ms Marvel; but none can compare to the Marvel temptress, Ms. Emma Frost. Tonner has once again captured the beauty of a Comic legend in Doll form.

The Tough and Gorgeous Emma Frost!

Not only is “Comic Emma” known for her body, but the Tonner Emma is, as well. Emma has the broader shoulders, more toned biceps, more shapely hips and she has a much fuller bust line, which perfectly fills out her fashionably tailored corset. The corset is detailed with fine stitching giving it a multi-layered appearance. Down the middle of the top, we have white string lace, which crosses down the bust line, revealing just enough of her chest making her look very elegant, yet sexy. Her cape mantel is sewn onto the corset in front, and covered with a red stone-like broach. The broach could be connected with her X-man logo seen in the Astonishing comic series.  Around her neck, Emma has her signature white leather matching choker, which snaps snugly in back, just beneath her hairline.

Emma’s fashionably fierce corset bodice and broach.

What really draws you in, though, are her stunning crystal blue eyes which seem to literally pierce your mind. Her eyes are traced with a soft powdery white and blue eye shadow. Emma has a beautiful flesh-toned lip gloss, surrounded by her long, flowing swept-back blonde hair.

Emma’s Baby Blues and Beautiful Blonde Locks

Moving now to her arms, like I said before, Emma has a more developed bicep than previous Tonner creations, which are encased in her beautiful matching, tight, leather-glove sleeves. These were not on her when I opened the box. Sliding them on, though, was simple, and makes you really appreciate the tailoring here. They are very form-fitting to her arms, and the material is flawless. Her hands are painted white to match her leather gloves, and can be detatched and replaced with flesh-colored hands, which are included in the packaging. Very useful if your having trouble sliding the gloves on, or if you want to dress Emma in casual attire.

Emma's tiny waist line, accentuating her curves.

Looking back to her torso area, the corset ends just above her belly button, revealing her bare stomach.  The corset is very becoming of her waist line, showing off her slender body. Emma Frost has very voluptuous hips in the comics, and this Tonner creation does her justice with these heroine-styled hips. Tightly fitting in her matching white leather pants. The pants, like the corset, have the finely tailored stitching lines going vertically down, and around her waist-line.  Her shoes are absolutely fabulous ankle-length white leather boots. The boots pull the entire look together with same matching leather, stiching, and zipper on rear.

These boots were made for walkin’…

Now, my favorite part of the costume, the CAPE! Emma Frost’s cape is gorgeous! It’s sewn at the middle of her bustline, and drapes beautifully horizontally over her arms and around her back in a circle patern. All the way around, the cape hangs in multiple layers and lengths, giving it a beautiful, billowing appearance. The cape is made out of a very soft, almost cotton-like material. It’s a great contrast to her leather outfit, and completes the whole look. Her cape can either hang out in front, or be flipped over her arms giving her multiple looks and styles.

Oh, that caped crusader!
That glorious cape, fashionably thrown behind her arms!
...Or (because a woman needs options!), you can wear that cape free-flowing and forward!

Emma Frost is amazing, and this doll is sooo well tailored. I am in love, and I’m recommending it to all my Marvel and Doll fans alike. She is perfect for any collection. She contains the beauty and mystery desired by any fashionista collector AND the presence of a super-heroine. This doll is as flawless as her comic Diamond Form!

Emma Frost


– by Jonathan Gordon



Jonathan, thank you so much for the terrific review!  We appreciate the time you put into this, and can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm!  Keep on keepin’ on, friend!



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