Some Experiments with Holiday Lights – Fashion Doll Photography

Miladyblue on Random Doll Batherings shares some of the doll photography experiments that came out of her doll collectors group, showing how great it is to get together:


“We call ourselves the OCD, which is short for Obsessively Collecting Dolls.

We sometimes have themes to go with our displays, and of course, this being near the December holidays, which includes Christmas, Chanakah, Kwanzaa and others, we had holiday themed displays. I love seeing the creativity of my fellow OCDers, because most of them are incredibly talented artists with one medium or the other. We have jewelers, seamstresses, carpenters, porcelain doll artists, writers, photographers, and those who just plain old enjoy doing something different for their dolls….”

The photos below came out of the suggestions from one of the younger members Mandy:

“…Mandy, one of our teenaged members, who is a budding photographer, was intrigued by the lighted displays some of us had. She asked if we could turn out the overhead lights and take pictures of the displays. I am going to ask her, when she posts her pictures, if I can re-post them here, because she is a MUCH better photographer than I am.

Without further ado, here is a picture of the same display, with the overhead lights out.”

read the rest of the story here

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