Doll Blogs Post-Convention – Blog Round Up

There was a lot of excitement coming off our fantastic and fun Flights of Fancy Convention and the doll blog world was no exception. So for those who don’t read doll blogs regularly here is a cruise around the circuit with some pics and an excerpt from Convention and Tonner/Wilde related posts to entice you to read further on their sites. Consider subscribing to these writers, it is always great to get doll stories and news in your Inbox.

And if we missed any blogs that we should be covering let us know that too!


Alison Rasmussen of FDR

The Parrot - Antoinette sculpt, LE 100, Flights of Fancy centerpiece

 On Convention

“I’m back from my first Tonner Convention – and I really had a blast! I’m exhausted, and ended up shipping some dolls home, which will be here Friday. I do have some to shoot, which I plan to do today, and a lot of blogging to catch up on, and more will follow”...And I have to say–I really am most surprised and delighted about the new Marilyn Monroe doll. I think she is gorgeous….read more

On the Dolls

posts and original photos of Diamonds, The Flamingo, The Toucan, The Cardinal, The Peacock, The Raven, and Animal Magnetism.

Jim Dandy’s Jacqueline Frost

“I had the honor and privilege of meeting Jim Dandy at Tonner Con this year. He actually insets glass eyes in vinyl dolls for fun–and I fell in love with many of his creations this year. This year, Duchess (Jacqueline Frost) is my lucky new addition. She is probably my very favorite convention doll. I just adore her!“…read more.

Char of Doll Diaries

Wilde Wednesdays – Paris Shopping

“If you have been following the adventures of my Ellowyne dolls, you know that Elle (an Ellowyne Dark Days) thinks she is the stuff. Last week I introduced you to Lily (Woeful Romance Ellowyne) and Elle seemed quite irritated with this gorgeous, new girl. Anyhow, in this week’s adventures, Elle and Lily are bonding – they think they are in Paris on a shopping trip.”…read more

Terri Gold of Collecting Fashion Dolls

On Raven

“I think the interpretation of Raven-ness was done exceedingly well. She is ready for Halloween or a POE-try reading event.” the rest

On Flights of Fancy

“It’s a good thing I’m not at the convention because when I saw these centerpiece dolls I wanted some of them….Take a look at these beauties”read more

On Visiting the Tonner Store with the Marwencol Donations

I took all the Marwencol donations over to the Tonner Company Store yesterday. Noreen and I arranged everything on a table in the back room. I think Mark is going to be overwhelmed when he sees all of this.
You can’t really tell from the photo what is included here. It’s unbelievableread more

[we’ll have a Marwencol update on our blog very soon!]

Charlie of Dolls Behaving Badly

On Convention

At some point I gave up trying to document every moment of TonnerCon and just started to be in the moment and taking a few pics when the urge struck. The wonderful Joanne of TonnerDoll was doing such a great job of photodocumentation on Facebook and in the blog, and so much faster than I could, that I just let it roll and pulled out the camera occasionally….read and see more.

Stratos of Fashion Doll Chronicles

On Pat Henry’s Book Tonner: Two Decades of Fashion and Design

“Most fashion doll collectors are familiar with her name: Pat Henry is the publisher of Fashion Doll Quarterly, an adult collector publication filled with great articles and exquisite photography about fashion dolls. She is also the author of In Focus: Digital Photography for the Doll Collector. She began collecting fashion dolls in 1990, but truly started at age three, when given her first BarbieTM doll“…read more

Sheilah of Cami Kingdom and Cythna’s Introspections

photo copyright Sheilah R. Craft


On Cami, The Flamingo

I left the convention with five Flamingo Cami dolls: mine and my sister’s from the banquet, one I purchased from the sales room early Sunday morning, and two I bought from dear friends at the convention. I plan to display one mint in box, the one on the gold base, and re-dress the other three. In fact, I have already re-dressed one of these drop-dead-gorgeous girls in the SoHo Jaunt outfit from earlier this year:…read more.


On the “Other” Cami

photo copyright Sheilah R. Craft

Mr. Tonner said he had been talking about Cami with a sculptor with whom he frequently works and that the challenge was presented to this sculptor to create his version of Cami. That sculpt was used on a new doll which debuted at the Thursday night Welcome Aboard event: Tonner Air Stewardess Kay! I really did like her very much as a part of the centerpiece, but since it was the first night, I restrained from purchasing her; I wanted to wait and see which, if any, Cami dolls would be presented. Needless to say, this Cami completest rushed to the sales room immediately after the seminar to purchase a Kay, whom I have dubbed the Other Cami! more.


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