Déjà vu Contest Winners

A huge THANK YOU to all who have participated in the contest – voters, writers and photographers and aficionados!  It is you who breathe life into our dolls, and for that, we are forever grateful.

The People have spoken.  We have our winners for the Déjà vu  Contest!

Let’s get to it, shall we?  The People’s Choice Award for Photography goes to Andrea Joki for her inspired shot of My Afternoon Stroll!  *Applause*  Congratulations, Andrea!

The People's Choice Award for Photography:  Andrea Joki
The People’s Choice Award for Photography: Andrea Joki


…and the People’s Choice Award for Short Story goes to Anna Fantasia for her wonderful wordsmithery in her short story Most Fairy Tales.  *Applause*  Congratulations, dear Anna!

Read her winning story here!

Each winner gets a Déjà vu  Artist Proof, outfit and signed sketch.  Lucky duckies!  Well deserved, we say.  Additionally, each finalist will be awarded their choice of basic Déjà vu doll.  Kudos!

And finally, because we LOVE giving stuff away to our awesome collectors, we had a random drawing for everyone who voted in the contest.  Drum roll please….. And the winner of the brand new Penelope Brewster, Around Town is Nick Camelio!!  Congrats!

Penelope Brewster, Around Town
Penelope Brewster, Around Town

Congrats to all the winners from all of us at Tonner!

Be sure to read all the tales from the finalists, and take a look at some of the amazing photo entries – and believe us, we had SO many talented stories and photos….well, we really had our work cut out for us!  Again, thank you to ALL the entries – you are an incredibly talented group of people.

What a whirlwind it’s been since the launch of the Déjà vu  Collection – There has been so much excitement surrounding these dolls and the storyline and it’s incredible!

For more fun with Déjà vu, read the teaser chapter of the upcoming novel, or get your shop on and visit the Roaring 20s or the Age of Enlightenment!


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