Sheilah’s Original 1998 advertisement for Julia – Romance Novel Beauty

A few days ago Sheilah wrote about how she had just received her Robert Tonner historical Julia doll in the mail, the very same day that this original advertisement for it all the way back in 1998 arrived.

We are thrilled that Robert Tonner’s historical doll arrived this afternoon!  She is certainly a beloved treasure in our home!  Julia is beautiful, and we are quite fortunate to have gotten her entire collection at one time.  Also in today’s mail was the original magazine advertisement for Julia, from 1998

It is great to remember our roots in the doll community, and this magazine ad really brings us back. Read all of Cynthia’s post, she really captures the excitement. We just wanted to take this moment and direct your attention to her beautiful collector spirit:

Even more! Robert Tonner made an entire wardrobe of luscious ensembles for Julia, and each one is so detailed and gorgeous. Julia has a lingerie set, a nightgown and matching robe, a blue floral day dress, a blue velvet coat with bonnet and purse, and a breathtaking wedding gown with all of its accessories for Julia’s romantic day! We have displayed Julia and her wardrobe in a vintage wooden doll trunk, and the old fashioned style of the trunk suits Julia well…

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  1. I was lucky enough to buy not just one, but three, of these wonderful Julia dolls when they were first issued. Still have two which I treasure greatly and the daughter who I gifted with the other one feels the same way. Julia is a true classic among dolls . . . .

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