Courtney Reviews our DC Comics Raven – Collector Review

Courtney’s Review of Our DC Stars Raven

This is my first time review for Tonner and I hope everyone likes it. I am a big fan of Tonner’s DC Stars line since I bought my first DC Star back in 2007. For the past year or two, I have been on Tonner’s Facebook page asking for this wonder character, Raven. Before I start the review, some back story for those who don’t know that much about Raven. Raven has been one my favorite characters for years, but I fell in love with her on the Teen Titans cartoon that ran on Cartoon Network from 2003 to 2006. She was first introduced in DC Comics Presents #26 in October 1980 as a half-human, half-demon looking for help. Raven was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez. The two created Raven to re-introduce The New Teen Titans. When Raven was first introduced, she was trying to ban a team of heroes to fight off her father, the demon Trigon. Over the years, she has been both a hero and a villain. The current version of her (before the reboot/relaunch of the DC Universe) appears in Teen Titans.

Now on to the review: her costume is based upon the current one that she wears in the comics. When first opening the box, I noticed that she had on a body suit (nude color, above) that was attached to the dress and that she had on stockings. When I got Raven out of the package, the first thing I put on her was the belt.

A LOT of detail went into the belt. Matches up to the belt she wears now in the comics, which was amazing. Then after that I put on the gloves. The gloves were very easy to put on due to the body suit she was wearing. Then I put on the boots, which also matched up to how her boots looked in the comics. Very easy to put on…and once I did, I realized that Tonner did a excellent job with getting everything right on her.

Now on to the other little parts that I did not like. When putting on the cape, I noticed that the upper part of dress had notches to put the cape though. Disappointed by how the notches were not very noticeable on her outfit.

The major bummer on this doll and what bummed this #1 Raven fan out, was the noticeable absence of her Chakra aka her little jewel on her forehead. The Chakra, according to the comics, is to “help her to control the darker passions of her soul-self”. Raven has an evil side and not seeing the one thing that is part of her is a little disappointing. Otherwise, the doll is great and is a “must have” for any DC Stars or Teen Titans fan! I give this doll, even though it is missing one key element, a 5 out of 5 stars! Tonner, you did hit it out of the park with this one! Thanks again for making my favorite character!

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We want to thank Courtney for her review of our Raven. And if there are any of our collectors who would like to review Raven as well, or any of our other new releases, we would really enjoy receiving them. Just send the text and explanatory pics to Kevin at

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4 responses to “Courtney Reviews our DC Comics Raven – Collector Review

  1. A bit of a bummer… aside from the missing Chakra, the skin tone is too pale for Raven. I always finds her exotic and sensual because of her skin tone and overall complexion. She looks otherworldly in the Teen Titans comics.

    I prefer her original costume from the 80’s New Teen Titans era, when she wears black shoes and deep blue costome. Instead the Tonner version is of black costume with thigh-high boots. It’s also missing the two Raven emblems on her cape’s brooch.

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