Companion Dolls – Charlie Riley Weaves the Story of Martie

Companion Dolls – The Story of Martie and How you Get One

For those of us who have gotten to know Charlie in #dollchat and on Facebook you already are familiar with her wry humor that somehow gets us busting out laughing, and her loving doll aura. It was not long ago when she bought her Tonner Doll Rapunzel without even having seen the Disney movie Tangled. As is often the case with dolls and the imagination, one small purchase leads to an entire personal Odyssey of tremendous and wondrous proportions.

The Odyssey of Companion Dolls

Yesterday I read Charlie’s own, to me very moving blog post about the evolution of her first Rapunzel purchase to her Jim Dandy glass-blue-eyed OOAK “Martie”, to the discovery of a new and fantasmic BFF who expresses her uniquely, leading to 61 days of blog posts and host of wonderful photographs as they go everywhere together.

As she writes:

So how do you get your very own dolly BFF?…I really don’t know….I know what happened to me, once I got Martie—I started to take her places, and take pictures of what we did and what she’d gotten into…

and then a little further down:

…Who is Martie as a character? I don’t have a back story or a précis of her story arc. She’s just Martie, a very small, much younger friend of mine whom I take care of. She’s got some of my characteristics, like cheekiness and love of art, and some others that bring me out of my myself a little more, like willingness to explore (really, I can go weeks without leaving my house and be a happy little tater) and a refreshed wide-eyed wonder, because everything is new to her…READ the rest here

Charlie is another great participant of our Twitter #dollchat, in fact she has become the de facto Queen of #dollchat (and her daughter Alexandra Taya, Princess) keeping the hour full of life and energy. You can tweet her at @CharlieRiley819 and of course read her doll bloggings at Dolls Behaving Badly. Charlie, definitely thank you for brightening the day.


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